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Open The Floodgates

RedsArmyAdmin July 25, 2008 Uncategorized 2 Comments on Open The Floodgates

All the mid-level guys who don't think they're mid-level guys are willing to leave the NBA to go make some bigger money in Europe.  It doesn't hurt that most of them are European.  Add Sasha Vujacic to the mix (and if you read further in that piece… Ricky Davis is rumored to be considering it).  Oh.. and Delonte West.  Oh… and Andris Biedrins.  Oh… and Carl Landry

All it took was one.  Now that Josh Childress, a pretty good player, made good on what used to be a laughable threat… these guys now have a bargaining chip.  But like I've said before… David Stern has a problem on his hands.  All of these players who can only be given part of an MLE are seeing the chance to make big money somewhere else.  You say every kid aspires to be in the NBA… but they're not going to just pass up $5, $7 or $10 million to do it. 

So what happens now?  It's anyone's guess.  I don't think EVERY mid-level guy is going to take off.  But I think a few might.  But what happens when they come back in 2 years?  Will the NBA be in the same place?  will they all be fighting for the same MLE again?  Will guys who don't deserve the MLE suddenly get it?  Will stars get less money so more is left over to sign the mid-level guys? 

I don't know the answers… but every guy willing to skip the pond and play overseas keeps bringing up more questions.  It's getting more interesting every day.

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  • I’m right there with ya. Why take $2 mil to ride pine in Cleveland when you can chill with the Russian Mob and bank $6 mil?

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    I really like the fact that the NBA now has competition for their players. It just means that the NBA will need to go global, or atleast put a few NBA teams in Europe, South America and Asia where there are already existing leagues. And when they do, the Celtics will kick the Worlds ASS!
    Jennings leaving straight from high school (and soon others) should make Stern change his one year in college rule.
    Superstars are staying in the NBA, but with others jumping to the Euro leagues, the MLE may be need to raised or new cap exceptions will have to be defined? Either way, I like the way things are going, and the National Basketball Association will become the Global Basketball Association much quicker than I ever expected. (GBA works better than WBA-too close to WNBA and World Boxing)