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Let’s Buy A Team!!!

We're all basketball fans, right?

We all think we know how to run a team, right?

Then let's prove it.

Let's buy a professional basketball team.  BalllDon'tLie explains the particulars… but basically, it's everyone chipping in to buy an equal stake in a team.  It costs $60, and you're guaranteed to buy an IBL team by December of 2009 or you get your money back.  Everyone gets an equal vote on everything.  Go to OwnMyTeam.com to sign up.  I'm already in!

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  • zippittyay

    hmmm…… couldn’t get the link to work or the website was blank.

  • DreinLA

    So can I claim this team as a personal business on my taxes? I can only imagine the break I’d get if you combined the running expenses of the team and my salary. Since most teams operate at a loss… WOOOOO!

  • go for it… let me know how that goes

  • RedsArmy,
    Thanks for the blog post, and thanks for joining our website. We appreciate and need all the ink we can get. We are just starting out but are beginning to recieve some nice traffic and people.
    If there is anything I can do, let me know

  • Maybe if we can lure JayZ away from the NJ Nets we would have a shot ?
    Clyde Warman

  • DreinLA

    Oh yes, that’s a good idea about Lebron James. We should have the budget for him. But before that, we need to change the league rules so that teams can have a minimum roster of one.

  • zippittyay

    I can open the webpage with Internet Explorer, but just get a blank page with Firefox.