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“He ’s Going To Have A Breakout Year”

Let's hope so.

I'm not sure what can be said about Tony Allen that hasnt' been said.  He's getting $5 mil. over 2 years… and he's either going to be a steal or a bona fide bust by the time the contract is over.  I don't see any real middle ground, because we've all seen his potential.  At his best, he's a defensive menace who can score in bunches who will make us quickly forget about James Posey.  That's what Doc and Danny seem to be expecting.

“We just think he is healthy now,” said Ainge, who sounded relieved to be through with the bargaining process. “We (knew) there would be a transition last year when he came into training camp with a leg brace and wasn’t 100 percent healthy or mentally confident in his leg.

“By the end of last season we thought he had turned the corner and Doc (Rivers) and I both think he’s going to have a breakout year this year.”

If we don't see that… aren't we all going to be disappointed?  Tony, for his part, seems to understand what he needs to do.

"There are going to be a lot of opportunities to play and I want to play," Allen said. "I'm looking forward to it. I'm fortunate to have a contract with the Celtics and I want to take advantage of it.

"I learned a lot from [Posey]. Game preparation, how you sit down and scout a player during practice, how you defend a player during practice. I just learned a lot from him and hope I can carry on. I look at my strengths and I just want to do what the coach wants. I'm willing to do that, to give my talent to the organization."

More on Tony from the always on-point Scott Souza.

I'm beyond fascinated at how the Josh Childress/Brandon Jennings situation will affect the NBA.  I took a slightly negative slant recently… TrueHoop says its a good thing.  I think it might be a little of both.

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  • JTB

    I, for one, and thilled to have Tony back. He was playing some stellar basketball toward the end of the Lakers series. At one point in Game 5, he looked like the most explosive player on the court.
    I would have hated to see him sign for short money elsewhere, and then have a breakout campaign. He is still and injury risk, and he’ll still make boneheaded plays, but I’m glad he’s part of the Big Green Machine.
    That said, the C’s really need a backup wing. Who’s gonna play the 3 when Pierce needs a blow? Tony Allen? I don’t think so. Signing Tony is great, but he doesn’t “replace” James Posey. Tony won’t be guarding the opponent’s bigger 3’s and 4’s, at least not well. The only guy on the roster with the size to replace Po-Z is Bill Walker, and he may be NBDL bound. Deavan George may not be such a bad idea, if he comes for the vet minimum.

  • Tim (FD)

    I’m a huge fan of TA, and I think he will play a lot at 3 this year.

  • Juan

    I’m praying that TA can play to his potential! We’ve seen what he can do in the past; so if he comes close to that, this signing will be a steal. I think his confidence will definitely increase coming off of a championship season, and also getting more opportunities to play this season. TA playing the 3 doesn’t concern me too much. We know he can play great D, so he should still be able to harass bigger 3’s. As long as the team is communicating on D, the C’s should be fine. Remember, its Defense that wins Championships!

  • perkisabeast

    Sometimes we forget how good a guy is because all we’ve seen are his warts. Tony is not Posey, but he offers a different look.

  • JTB

    Don’t get me wrong- I’m pumped-up. I think we’re going to repeat as champions. However, we’re thin at the wing behind Pierce.
    Of course, it’s several months before the season starts, and we know the roster can still be tweaked. Giddens and Walker aren’t even signed, and both of them (as well as Pruitt and Big Baby) are eligible to play in the NBDL. Another wing is coming, eventually, and I wouldn’t mind if it were Darius Miles.

  • papa irish

    giddens is 6’5, walker is 6’6, allen is 6’5
    the best part about those guys is they both play bigger than their actual size, giddens wingspan is only an inch shorter than kevin love and michael beasley, so its not all about the height of the player its also about how big that player plays, and with TA, Giddens and walker they have long wingspans, are athletic, and highrisers meaning they can gaurd bigger forwards
    and how but this playing powe a little at the three im sure he can do that as well as tony can play the point