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RMV FAIL! (a.k.a. Business As Usual)

Boston Herald Photo

So Big Baby… of the BOSTON CELTICS… showed up to promote the new Boston Celtics plate at the Watertown Mall.  Some genius at the RMV decided "I know… I'll put out some completely unrelated promotional material!"

“Finally, someone from the state noticed it and hauled it off,” said Someone Who Was There.

The next time you're in a 2 mile long line, behind the smelly guy with 3 teeth and the guy who's going to get his license renewed despite 10 DUI's… just know that this is the level of competence you're dealing with.

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  • NVC

    The RMV is at the WATERTOWN MALL not the Arsenal.
    So make sure you noticethe incompetence of this blog as well!