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Rick Mahorn Fights Chicks

AP Photo/Jerry S. Mendoza

You knew this was eventually going to happen. A full-fledged catfight during a WNBA game. But wait, there's more. Rick Mahorn got involved. He pushed Lisa Leslie so hard, she fell to the ground. Then he put his hands on an assistant coach before getting whacked in the back by DeLisha Milton-Jones. The BS was flying after the game. Here's Mahorn's weak-ass excuse:

"I was trying to protect the whole game, the integrity of the game," he said. "The WNBA is very special to me because I have four daughters. I don't even raise my hand to them, and I would never push a woman. This game, I love this game too much."

But the best line belongs to Bill Laimbeer:

"Rick Mahorn is known as a peacemaker, from even the brawl we had here with Indiana," Detroit coach Bill Laimbeer said. "He went out there to get people off the pile and to get people to stop the confrontation. That's who he is, that's what he does."

A peacemaker? Nice try, Bill. Mahorn was one of the most dirty physical players during his time in the 80s. I doubt Mahorn went on the court with the intention of slapping chicks around, but when you're close to 300 pounds and the juices start flowing again…..nothing good is going to come of it.

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  • Larry W.

    No surprise here. Just a former Piston being a former Piston.

  • Lakerhater

    Bill Lambier is your chief apologist? This smacks of battered wife syndrome, Mahorn’s abuse of Bill in the locker room has finally come to light. Somebody get Dr. Phil on the line.

  • Ann

    Why don’t you look at videos from various angles and you will clearly see that when he walked up to get in between Leslie – who was trying to get into the drama – she started throwing punches and landing some on his face. She is a 6’5″ person fighting him like a man. He just extended his hands out to keep her off. That’s when she fell to the ground.
    Your bias and ignorance is amazing.

  • Adriana

    A guy who hits a chick it’s a coward.

  • a guy

    Glorious, glorious anti-Piston bias.
    That was Rick Mahorn trying to break up a fight, and Lisa Leslie flailing her arms flailing her arms like a maniac and losing her balance.
    Ridiculous post and comments here. This is why some people can’t take Boston sports fans seriously – we’ll put some stupid old rivalry before common sense.