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Larry Bird: Still A Total Badass

Larry Bird generally takes crap from exactly no one.  And while he hasn't exactly been the most successful executive around… the only way he's getting soft is a lack of sit ups. 

Take, for example, the tale of Shawne Williams… who has been a pain is LB's butt.  But pain or not… there's no way in hell Bird will give away free money so Williams can play for someone else.

"We hear this buyout stuff all the time," Bird told WFNI-1070 AM. "I think these guys should earn their money. If you can't trade them, let them stay at home. We're in some situations here where the same people continue to get in trouble. We have to deal with it. We'll deal with it the way we think is appropriate."

I agree.  There's a lot of money being thrown around so guys can go play somewhere else. 

Josh Childress Wasn't Bluffing

He's really going to Greece

"It's official, I just signed," Childress said by phone Wednesday morning from Athens, where he and agent Jim Tanner will be until Friday. "I think it was . . . a situation where I didn't know who to expect coming in, coming over to Athens. But it's a great city and a great organization. They do whatever they can to make you feel at home."

The deal is the most lucrative current contract in European basketball and the biggest in Euroleague history.

The deal was orginally supposed to be 3 years/$20 mil… but its supposedly a much bigger deal than that.

So Josh Childress is worth the biggest contract in Euroleague history?  What's to stop some of the other guys from heading out there? 

It's a brave, new world people.  Brace yourself for the impact.

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