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New Celtics Plates Available

Obsolete when Cs become 18 time champs

For those of you looking to pimp your ride (I don't know what that means… I heard a young kid say it once.  I hope it applies)…  the new Boston Celtics license plates are available.  It's different than the other one because it says 17-time world champions on it.  It costs $40, and the money goes to Children's Hospital… so the $40 is tax deductible (you kids don't know what that means… but I'm sure you heard us old guys say it once.  We love hot, sexy phrases like 'tax deductible' and 'compounded interest').

You can go to the RMV website to apply for one… that is… once the RMV site actually puts it on the list.  Considering the speed at which Massachusetts government moves… expect it to be listed sometime in December.  You can also go through the Celtics website.  Once they get 1500 orders, people will get their plates. 

We're still working with the Registry on plates.  It will feature a photo of me and Chuck hunched over a laptop with bags under our eyes and our wives in the background filling out divorce papers.  The $40 will be split between the Department of Social Services and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome research.  Watch for it soon.

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  • Tim (FD)

    I ordered one of those a year ago and they still havn’t had the 1500 orders so I still am $40 in the hole.

  • I ordered mine about three years ago and wondering what the hell happened. At least I know they can’t try to cash that check now. I didn’t get anything for signing up for it then. Last season they gave away tickets to a game for everyone who signed up. We had a bunch of our friends send in their $40 then we all went to the same game. The tickets were spread out all over the place but since there was no one there we all got to sit together. That was nice but I guess we didn’t have enough friends to get them to finally print a darn plate.

  • I want one….wait I live in NH….guess I’ll have to settle for no income tax.

  • MA

    Big Baby supposedly was at the RMV in Watertown posing for pictures with people who signed up for the Celtic plates today.
    Did anyone go?

  • Tim (FD)

    Yeah BG, they sent me a free t-shirt but no tickets.