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David Stern Just Had A Heart Attack

"Hey Ron, will you sign my crushed orbital bone?"

Because the newest Ron Artest rumor has him going to….


Granted… the rumor is a bit on the vacuous side… but it's just too delicious not to pass along.

I'll tell you one person who doesn't want Ron… this rabid Lakers fan.

And speaking of losers… its nice to see national publications are FINALLY starting to see that Gilbert Arenas is the kind of player whose increased personal contributions come at the expense of his teams.

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  • Jonny Drama

    I really hope the Lakers get Artest. I can’t wait to see how they will find a way to implode and drive Kobe crazy.

  • DreinLA

    Artest in Detroit would be great, I think. Controversy all over the place.
    That article about Gilbert Arenas is pretty amusing. The criteria used to judge a player is… stupid. It essentially revolves around the idea that if you don’t win a title, you’re a “loser.” As soon as basketball becomes a sport where one player can win a title, without the need of intelligent team management, and excellent coaching, Dime’s “Loser List” will have some merit.