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This Is Not Something To Be Proud Of


Nate Robinson's jersey was stapled to the wall for a couple of days retired yesterday at UNLV's Cox Pavillion… for playing a lot during the summer league.


The reigning 2007 Vegas Summer League MVP had it retired today during a ceremony at halftime between the Knicks and Timberwolves game. He only appeared in two of New York's five games this year, but he was being honored in part for playing four straight years in the league

Robinson is the king of getting BS awards.  He won that dunk contest when he got like 82 tries at one dunk.  And now this.  Congrats Nate… you're the best at being not good enough to solidify a regular spot on the NBA's most embarrassing team. 

They'd retire Gerald Green's jersey next, but it would look like the Gaylord Perry Hall of Fame jersey with half the league's logo's on it… and they clearly don't have the budget for that right now.

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