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Celtics Vs. Team USA

BrewHoop asked question last week:  How would the Celtics do vs. Team USA?.  In our post-championship exuberance, I said Celtics in 7.  WhatIfSports ran it through their computers 1,000 times, and got a slightly different result:

Using 1,000 separate simulations of a seven-game "NBA Championship"-esque series, we determined the most common result to be a Team USA victory in five games. This outcome occurred 85% of the time, with an average 14 point margin of victory. Our game summaries also revealed that LeBron James (40%) and Kobe Bryant (35%) were the most frequent recipients of Player of the Game honors with superstars Dwight Howard, Kevin Garnett, and surprisingly Rajon Rondo also being mentioned many times.

If you haven't checked out these things, they're pretty cool.  It's not just "oh, our computers say Team USA wins."  There are box scores and play-by-play. 

I'm sure Team USA would win a series against the C's… but the one problem recent US teams have had is taking down teams that have played together who also have good jump shooters.  Its too bad… I'd love to see the matchup. 

We'll actually get a little sense about the Rajon Rondo development in this simulation when he practices against Team USA a month from now.  Can't wait to see how he does.

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  • another tim

    i’m also assuming it can’t measure the effect it has on guys who normally start to come off the bench. or the times that people will try to pass to where they expect someone to be and throw it out of bounds. or the number of times kobe will try to steal the ball from lebron… etc.
    i still say the celtics win. we beat every single one of these players this year. and i think we’ve earned home court advantage.

  • That Laker fan – Steve, Purple Guy, Rambis – and what ever other alias he uses – is by far the most annoying. While there are times I’d rather just ban a fool like that – I find his posts amusing and at times, downright hilarious.

  • boston strangler

    I think Jemele Hill got the message – Check out her latest article:
    this has “apology letter” written all over it

  • She says in the piece she was patiently waiting for someone to state the obvious…
    … maybe she should have paid attention exactly THREE MONTHS AGO…. When I wrote the exact same thing.

    That means the Western Conference is better, top-to-bottom, than the East. But just because the West has more contenders… it does not mean those teams are better than the Celtics or Pistons.
    For some reason… people seem to believe more good teams in one conference mean individual teams out West would be better than the teams in the East. But the fact that Golden State has a good record has no bearing on whether the Jazz can beat the Celtics or Pistons. The Nuggets being out of the playoffs out West while they could be a 4 seed in the East doesn’t really fix any of the matchup problems the Hornets might have against the Celtics.
    The best evidence comes from the Celtics 24-5 record against the West… better than any Western team’s record against the East (Detroit is 20-8 vs. the West). And a few of those 5 came with a rusty, post-injury KG trying to get back into form… so the record could be even better.
    Are there more very good teams out West? Obviously. But that doesn’t give any individual teams any more of an advantage against the best teams in the NBA… which happen to play here in the East

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Here’s me: “But Steve, we just steamrolled you in 6 games.” Period, EXCLAMATION POINT!
    I don’t know what’s gonna happen next year. All I know is I get to enjoy that game 6 (and game 4) on Tivo all summer long. It makes me feel good everytime I watch the Celts pour it on, and seeing the Flakeshow completely helpless to do anything about it. Seeing the gatorade splash, hearing multiple chants all game long, the dunks, the threes, the mini-Cobra a few times, the champion commercials, the all-time greats in the crowd. LOVE IT.
    Thanks for letting me relive that again at your expense steve. Oh, and we do have great drugs.

  • papa irish

    their bench is just too strong
    but as for starting 5 i think we’d have a shot

  • Joey G

    What about the Celtics vs Ditka? Or a hurricane named Ditka?

  • Ryan (UNC332)

    I don’t think you guys realize there will be jerseys on the market again for a celtic with the last name Walker. I’m so pumped for that.

  • Steve

    The Celts would probably beat Team USA. But you know who’ll spank ’em both? The Lakers.
    Here’s you: “But Steve, we just steamrolled you in 6 games.”
    Yeah, good for you. LA’s one of the youngest teams, and we didn’t have our CENTER.
    Get ready for ANOTHER Laker 3-peat. And when that happens, this silly blog will go back to where it was when the Celts won 20-something games last year.

  • Larry W.

    Gotta tell ya, I really think the C’s D and team play would do well vs. a team of stars thrown together. The world has done pretty good against them for a while now. (I d hope this time it’s different)
    Isn’t that the same computer that picked Utah to win the championship the highest percentage of the time? And they got pummeled by the softest team in the NBA.

  • Braddymac

    I wish the Celtics could compete against all the other countries in Beijing. The World against Boston!!! I cannot see us losing! Is there a simulation for that?!?
    Only problem is we’d obviously rather have us well rested and prepared to defend the REAL title.