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Bring Zo to Boston

RedsArmyAdmin June 28, 2008 Uncategorized 8 Comments on Bring Zo to Boston

alonzo mourning

The Celtics need a backup center, preferably a veteran who can play defense. According to the Herald's Steve Bulpett, Alonzo Mouring is on their radar.

And don’t be surprised if the C’s, based on their success with P.J. Brown, go the veteran route again. It’s expected that they will touch base with a crew that includes Alonzo Mourning and Dikembe Mutombo.

Yeah, I know he has kidney issues and is coming off a severe knee injury. But there's no tougher dude in the NBA than Zo. I'm going to fess up right now, I got a lot of man-love for this guy, going back to his days at Georgetown. He's always been my favorite non-Celtics player (except for the time he drained this playoff series winning jumper in 1993). Is there a better big-man to help teach Kendrick Perkins how to play physical without getting into foul trouble?

Bulpett also hints that the lack of consistent playoff minutes may drive Eddie House away. If so, the Celtics will look at Jason Williams and Tyronn Lue. Neither of those guys impresses me. Here's a list of this year's free agent crop.

There's been a lot of talk about whether this championship means Danny Ainge's #44 now belongs in the rafters. To be honest, I'm not sure where I stand, but Bob Ryan is clearly against the idea. This argument has me thinking about KG's #5 and what it will take to get that number lifted. Maybe one more championship in the next 5 years?

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  • Jon

    I’m glad this article came up, I was just reading the free agent list. The guy that caught my eye is Kurt Thomas. I’d take him as the new PJ if PJ doesn’t come back. Also, if Eddie leaves (or even if he doesn’t) I’d be all for White Chocolate as a backup PG.

  • Pat

    This is just my opinion, but I want Zo nowhere near this team. I’ve always viewed Zo as a selfish, me-first, cancer to lockerrooms kind of guy. I remember when the Nets signed him to a huge contract, then he had the kidney thing and couldnt play, but still got payed by the Nets the whole time, then when he’s ready to play again towards the end of the contract, he demands to be traded by the Nets(the team that continued to pay him as he lay in a hospital bed,) so the Nets give in and trade him to Toronto, and he refuses to ever even show up, eventually forcing his way to Miami. Doesnt seem like the type of guy whose character I want rubbing off on Perk, Baby, and Powe. Get Dikembe or some other old big man.

  • Tim (FD)

    Yeah, Dikembe is going to stay in Houston. I’m not crazy about Zo, but I can see how it might benefit Perk.
    What is Pollard’s deal next year?

  • double P reppin the B

    Zo has been one of my favorite players in the league for some time, the guy plays with so much heart, like KG. I would be so happy if we picked him up, even just to teach perk some nice tricks.

  • RJ

    I don’t know about KG getting #5 raised to the rafters…even if he won another ring in Boston. I’ve followed Capt. Crazy since 97′ when he was shoveling snow out in Minn. and this guy is loyal he grew up and became a star and mvp out there for 12 years. They remember that out there and i think even though he may achieve his dreams and cement himself in Boston, he put the reps in out in “Sota” …the first group he thanked after they had won, during the interview with Tafoya.
    Liken it to Red sox fans and the news of Roger Clemens [back before he was a child molestor drug dealer] and Wade Boggs wanting to go into the hall of fame with teams other than the Sox…just wasn’t right

  • perkisabeast

    Danny has tried to get Zo here before. I think he’d be perfect if his knee is okay. Although, we’d certainly have the scariest front line of all time. Zo’s nasty.

  • Mike

    I never liked Zo, probably because he hit that shot with Charlotte in 1993. I also thought he was a giant jerk for what he pulled in NJ…but he would fill a need. I don’t think Kurt Thomas would though. He’s a good player, good defender, but ground-bound. He won’t be able to protect the rim even like a PJ Brown. Go for someone with length and shot-blocking ability. We also need to replace PJ’s meanness if at all possible.
    I agree with Ryan, no #44 in the rafters. Instead I propose we retire “Aingey”…either that or “The Snake.”

  • Aingelives

    Ainge is my hero but retiring his number is a little much. As far as ZO yea its a good idea. For this team to repeat Posey as already stated many times is a must sign. Doc should play the bench much more this year and will see how they respond. The sky is the limit for this team.