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With the 30th Pick…..

JR Giddens

The Celtics have selected J.R. Giddens,  a guard from New Mexico. The 6-5, 208 lb. shooting guard averaged 16 pts, 8 rebounds and 3 assists in 33 games last season for the Lobos.

Welcome to the defending champions!!!!

According to Draft Express, Giddens was stabbed during a bar fight back in 2005 and needed 30 stitches in his calf.

Check out this monster dunk against UNLV.

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  • Bill

    Bilas mentioned something about on and off the court issues. Hopefully he’s not another Bassy. But I agree with Johnny The Bone. In Danny I Trust.

  • Damn… cruising through youtube…. that kid is a leaper

  • JTB
  • itsMurda

    Didn’t we already have J.R. Bremer before?
    Stabbed at a bar. At least he will have something to talk about when he meets the 2008 NBA Finals MVP.

  • Alex

    I think Danny missed out by passing on Mario Chalmers. Not as quick as Rondo, but he is an absolute stealing machine, and a pretty good shooter. I have not seen much of Giddens since he left Kansas, but I know they had high hopes for him there. Seemed like he took a lot of threes whenever I saw him play. Sometimes he would score a lot of points quickly, and sometimes seem to disappear for a while. I have not really seem him the last couple of years though. Who knows.

  • davecowens

    All off the court issues end when this cat meets KG. He’s like a walking seven foot self-help seminar.
    I’m pumped that they got Billy Walker. Seems to be a head case, but he has incredible talent. Used to be mentioned in the same breath as OJ Mayo. Again, I think the Celtics organization can truly benefit some of these guys with off the court issues.
    The one minor weakness this team has is athleticism (see the Atlanta series, and a loss to NO). These two guys make them a much more athletic team.

  • G4L

    I think TA is sticking around guys. When Comcast sportsnet did the Interview with Doc he said that Posey was the Priority and also Tony Allen. He went on and said how much progress he made at the end of the year last year.

  • Just reading on Draft Express, he was stabbed during a bar fight in 2005…needed 30 stitches in his calf.

  • Scoot

    This kid was HUGE coming out of high school i think. I remember him rocking a fro in the McDonalds dunk contest and going to Kansas. He’s definitely bulked up since then too and can clearly still spring so im looking forward to it.
    unless we trade him for that bust greg oden

  • mizzle

    Danny is clearly not content with Banner #17, Defensive Player of the Year, and Finals MVP hardware. He wants to bring the Dunk Contest title back to the bean!

  • Beantown12

    Not who I would have taken, but I guess we can say farewell to Tony Allen?

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Gerald Green with an NBA three and a little college ball under his belt? Could be interesting, I don’t think Tony’s sticking around.