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Baron Davis To Detroit?

Oh baby… more rumors. 

This one involves Davis to Detroit… and in what would be a blockbuster deal… getting Chauncey Billups and Rasheed Wallace in return.  Detroit would also get Al Harrington.

Call me crazy… but that seems to almost boil down to a "shake up" trade.  They both kinda end up even… and seem to be making the trade just for the ol' "change of scenery."

Draft night is tomorrow… so you'll be hearing all sorts of trade rumors.  You'll also be hearing more on the draft from Chuck… who is the Red's Army draft guru.  He became the draft guru when he lost 2 out of 3 "rock paper scissors" games (hint:  He always throws paper).  Chuck will have regular updates tomorrow night as well. 

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  • Won’t happen. Detroit is looking to get better or at least young(er). The Pistons would get worse and the age difference is minimal.

  • Tim (FD)

    No truth to that. I heard it would be more likely that he go to New York.

  • Mike

    Well, it’s an Oakland reporter. Sounds like some Golden State wishful thinking/leaking. I’m sure Detroit is “willing to divest itself” of Sheed and Chauncey, but for Little Al Harrington and Baron Bad Backules Davis? Har. Har. Har. Seriously, Davis and Chauncey are about a wash, and Sheed, even the Sheed I’ve been playing with Satan’s Trident in my Back for At least two seasons now Wallace, even THAT GUY is a major upgrade over Al I Got Bobbleheaded by Paul Pierce Harrington.
    And another thing, Stuckey is a pretty good player and all, but the Pistons are really going to just kick Chauncey to the curb? Really? I don’t get it.

  • perkisabeast

    Carmelo, I would have done, but Billups and Wallace for Baron? If they include a Biedrins that deal becomes scary.

  • d_rimmer

    Detroit should look for a center if anything since they lost big ben they haven’t been the same. Rasheed is sick but needs help!