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The Celebration Rages On For Perk

The Boston Celtics are now almost exactly a week into their celebration of an NBA Championship.  They have rolled through the city, and Fenway, on duck boats.  They've been drunk in various places and at various times.  And then Perk got REALLY WILD… and headed to the RMV to renew his license

All I could think of is how miserable he looked. I mean the guy just won the NBA championship and were does he end up the following Monday? At the RMV renewing his license. What a total bummer. What ever happened to that "I'm going to Disneyworld" thing. I've never seen a commercial that showed a sports star saying "I'm going to the RMV to renew my license." Have you?

Yeah… going to the RMV sucks.  But while most of us stand in line trying to decide between pastrami on rye or a big salad for lunch… Perk gets to daydream about selling stuff on QVC…. or about this.  Advantage: Perkins.

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  • Tim (FD)

    I heard that Perk and Rondo also got added to the USA select team which practices against the real team.