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Shaq & Kobe Might Be Working Things Out

I remember when I was young… I'd write songs for girls I liked.  Oh man… that was so corny.  I always thought "Brenda, tell my how my ass tastes" would work.  But I kept going to those dances alone.

I hope Shaq has better luck.

(Just in case Kobe is bitter about this… Shaq takes it all back)

Thanks to the people who posted this video link in the comments.. and the eleventy bajillion emails about it.  Much appreciated

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  • BostonFan

    Wow…I forgot how much Shaq sucked at rapping! Thanks for the reminder big man

  • Ajay

    somebody right there rapping is just asking for a dunk in his face in one for the 4 games lakers plays suns in by #24

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    See that smile at the 8 second mark? That’s what Shaq thinks about your comment Agay. Kobe has yet to dunk on Shaq and he better not try, Shaq still have some anger issues obviously.

  • I personally can’t wait for that first PHX – Lakers game. I want to see Kobe try for 100

  • HAHAHA! Holy shit… anyone know where i can download that shit on my iPod… next time I’m in HelL.A. I wouldn’t mind blasting that with my windows open! …. hmm maybe we should make T-shirts too… I I’d love to walk into Staples rocking a “Kobe, tell me how my ass tastes” shirt!

  • Faizan

    Yeah I bleed green don’t forget Kobe is in a position to win 394028432 championships and score 038428024243 points in a single game and yeah you better shut up before he drops 50 on your stupid ass and eliminates your team in the playoffs. Oh wait, I’m not a delusional Lakers fan.
    I don’t think Kobe will react heavily to this. He will take it as a joke and move on. If he takes it personally, I’d be surprised and it would show his immaturity. To be fair, Shaq acted very immature as well but Kobe can take the high ground here.
    I don’t think the question here is about who has how many championships. Those depend a lot on luck (in player acquisitions, drafts, injuries) and circumstances (how good your team is). Instead, I feel this is about how Kobe didn’t appreciate Shaq being the cornerstone of the franchise. Shaq went through three years of not winning in L.A. and another 4 in Orlando before winning his first. Kobe didn’t realize that it takes time, effort, and patience to build championship team (unless you suddenly acquire KG and Ray Allen). He didn’t realize how hard it was to be the cornestone of a franchise and to answer all the hard questions. it’s not his fault, he was never put in the position. But he didn’t appreciate Shaq for doing all of that. And this is what he gets.

  • double P reppin the B

    The real reason behind this feud and how he says Kobe ended shaqs marriage is because during Kobes rape trial he said to the prosecution “Man, I should of done what Shaq did. Shaq pays his women to keep quiet.” He told everyone that shaq paid up to $1million to women he slept with to keep quiet. Therefore throwing a wrench in Shaqs marriage and causing a big problem in there friendship

  • who da guy

    That was the single greatest freestyle rap i have ever heard. This championship just keeps getting better and better

  • Dave

    Way too early to talk shit on Kobe’s behalf Ajay. As a Patriots fan, take my word for it.
    Anyway, Shaq has every right to call out Kobe for being a bitch. Dude is coward for dragging Diesel under the bus when he got caught cheating . It’s amazing ANY man would respect him after that shit, never mind a guy who’s had his family fucked with by him.

  • G4L

    Did Kobe really say that about Shaq… wow he really is an Ass!
    But I think I’m going to make that my RIng tone “Kobe tell me how my ass taste”

  • Lakerhater

    I used to think shaq was a douche, he has redeemed himself. And Ajay, I don’t think Kobe’s got the sack to attack the restricted area w kazaam’s fat ass there. Maybe if he were dressed as a maid, otherwise no.

  • BostonFan

    Well…Shaq lost his Deputy-Sheriff’s badge…sucks, what will he do now?!?!?!

  • james giantpeach

    Sherry Krueger thinks that Shaq is creative and that Kobe cant do it without him. Sherry Krueger also believes that shaq is funny.