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Jemele Hill Speaks

RedsArmyAdmin June 24, 2008 Uncategorized 14 Comments on Jemele Hill Speaks

Jemele Hill talked to Michael David Smith at FanHouse about her suspension for the now infamous "Hitler" comment. 

I'm on record as saying this incident is over…. but I wanted to pass this along for those of you who are interested.  One thing I want to address here is this:

You posted something on your personal blog saying you got e-mails calling you the N-word. How many such e-mails did you get?
A lot. But I hesitate to get into that because I'm not a victim and I don't want it to come off like I'm saying, 'Oh, look what happened to me.' These are the consequences of my action. It doesn't give anybody the right to call me that, and this is the nastiest batch of mail I've received, ever, in my 11-year career. But I don't want that to be the focus

I'm hoping… HOPING… that none of you sent that sort of email to her.  If you did… I would invite you to never come back.  That beyond worse than what she wrote.  What she wrote was dumb.  What people said in those emails was disgusting and hateful.  It kills me to read things like that.

I just don't get people sometimes.

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  • RJ

    Not a chance… she isn’t a victim either i don’t think people feel too bad for her. The fact that letters that malicious were sent doesn’t say much for the evolution of American race relations or do too much too silence those voices that have always called Boston a racist town … and they were just starting to quiet down. Her comments were …poorly thought, a horrible attempt at comic analogy…and just dumb; so just tell her that instead. Race had nothing to do with her column …
    If feel less sorry for her and more sorry for us as a nation that there are still that many idiots out there these days when we’ve supposedly come along way…

  • Danno

    People wrote ugly, terrible things to her. This is inexcusable.
    She chose to be a writer for a Global publication. This CHOICE comes with a MUCH greater level of personal accountibility for your statements than a person who writes idle hateful emails to one single person. She knew this getting into Journalism. The level of feigned hurt she’s displaying insults my intelligence.
    She chose to make a horrible and insulting analogy to Hitler when talking about sports fans. She’s being paid for this, and it’s our dollars as fans that line her pockets, so ultimately she has to answer to the people who keep her company in business, and if they say she needs to be suspended or fired, so be it.

  • inferno

    Lets be honest guys…the Celtics HAD to win this title or the city of Boston would have run them out of town…they were seen as the favorite since day 1…
    Although as a die-hard fan I am crushed by this loss…it really was a premature appearance in the Finals…it just sucks we had to lose a Finals to the Celtics in what was supposed to be a “rebuilding” year…a year in which we didn’t even know if #24 was going to be here…
    We will have a Dynasty guys…our defense will get better and it was MUCH better with Bynum in there…we are young and Defense is most difficult to teach to new blood…
    You guys were absolutely the better team, no excuses here, but if we don’t blow Game 4 (completely due to our immaturity) we win the series…hands down.

  • Ben

    It was not wise or proper for people to say those thing about her.
    Was it worse than what she said about us? Not really, I don’t think so. If you say something incredibly offensive about someone (Comparing Boston sports to Nazi Germany) you shouldn’t be surprised when they reply in kind. I don’t have any sympathy for her.

  • another tim

    i agree with pretty much everything people here have already said.
    i think what sucks about it is that these emails really take away from the story about what she originally said. she said something hateful and offensive, and now people have said hateful and offensive things to her so there’s probably some perspective that it’s ‘even’ or whatever. these kind of emails take away from the outrage of boston fans who were called nazi supporters, because it reflects on all of us, and makes us all seem hypocritical for criticizing jemele for being hateful.

  • WestBaylorWorthyJohnson

    That’s it, boys. Talk about Jemele Hill. Now that your decrepit Celts beat the Lakers, or rather the Lakers w/o their starting center (Bynum), you’re soon to run out of material. Another 3-peat is all but certain for the greatest sports franchise of the modern era. From here on out, any NBA talk will revolve around who will grab that #2 spot behind the Los Angeles Lakers.
    By the way, even you guys wouldn’t call her that word. She’s full of crap.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    “It’s just gonna happen”, this is exactly how the Fakers think. They don’t realize they have to earn it. And Flaker fans will never come to the realization that they won’t.
    The media never flipped (until they had too) and are still pushing the Flakers to win it next year with “The Savior”, along with Vegas. So you keep believing what you’re being spoon fed, and I’ll keep believing what I see with my own two eyes-17 banners in the rafters of the BEST franchise in sports, and the BEST TEAM in the NBA, the Champion Boston Celtics.
    And the L.A. Flakers really only have 9 championships, go to Staples and count the banners. So it will take them quite awhile to get to 17, and by then, the Celtics banner count will easily be in the 20’s.

  • Ajay

    do u know how to count I bleed green in la we have 14 Idiot

  • Bill

    I heard an interview during the playoffs where Kobe said he’s going to sit out training camp and probably part of the preseason to have the pinky fixed. Even with that break, I would put money down right now that he can’t lead them to the Finals next year.

  • Braddymac

    Bleed Green !!! Bleed Green!!! Amen Brotha!

  • Josh

    Just want to point that even though the Lakers franchise has 14 championships, the Lakers official website only lists the 9 LA ones.

  • Dave

    Amazing. Lakers get torched in the Finals, their MVP couldn’t do what everybody said he was supposed to do, and Lakers fans are talking sh*t 2 weeks later. Clueless.
    Anyway back to the post at hand, one thing John; you said that she was asked about the emails… she didn’t bring them up. Well, unless that reporter is reading her emails, then she must have brought it up in a previous interview, comment….so she really did bring it up.
    Anyway, it seems that we all agree what was sent to her was stupid and unacceptable and that her bringing it up was a way to help cover her ass.

  • Boston

    Oh, you don’t get Boston fans, do you? What part of Bill Buckner didn’t you understand?

  • I find it “humorous” that people here try to argue that Hill is trying position herself as “the victim” when it is CLEAR, Hill didn’t bring up the email, she merely answered the question and deflected.
    Reading is fundamental.