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Did Mannix Watch the Playoffs?

SI.com's Chris Mannix clearly missed all of the NBA playoffs. He's crafted a mock draft with a spin: all NBA players are available. It's a cute little way to drum up traffic. LeBron James is first, followed by Dwight Howard, Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Yao Ming and KG. It's tough to argue with any of the selections. However, my beef comes with his ranking of Dirk Nowitzki and Paul Pierce:

12. Sacramento Kings: Dirk Nowitzki, PF, 30. Before the 2006 NBA Finals, Nowitzki probably would have been a top three pick. But Nowitzki's inability to develop a reliable post-up game has cost him a few spots. Still, the sweet-shooting 7-footer is a building-block player.

17. Toronto Raptors: Paul Pierce, SF, 30. Pierce can get physical with smaller forwards and drive around bigger ones. A durable player (only one full season of fewer than 73 games), the 10-year veteran proved in the NBA Finals that his defense is underrated.

Dirk over Paul? Really? Didn't Nowitzki allow the Mavs to lose four straight in the 2006 Finals? Didn't Dirk and the Mavs win 67-games the following year only to lose in the first round? All Pierce did was outplay LeBron James and Kobe Bryant en route to the championship. He also led the C's to the greatest playoff comeback ever in Game 4. I rest my case….

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  • another tim

    i would also say pierce over carmello who is number 11.
    paul is a better basketball player, clutch player, playoff player, franchise player, and better off the court….
    also not sure about oden at 14.

  • rvr

    in fairness, it’s not as stupid as it sounds when you remember that he is taking into account the age of the players, how much tread is left on the tires. so carmello over pierce makes more sense when you put yourselves in the shoes of a gm looking to build a contender for the next 5-10 years.
    on the other hand, if you wanted to put together a team that could win a championship now, i would take pierce, and a few others, a lot higher. of course, it would also depend on who you else you have on the roster, so it’s all a bit of a silly game anyway.

  • papa irish

    i stopped looking at it when i saw gilbert arenas at 14, WHAT? tony parker over deron williams? michael redd a top 30 player in the nba? josh smith over kevin durant? this list is a lazily written article to give something interesting to think about
    mannix apparently wheighs in age with some of the picks but totally disregards it with some of the other picks. he doesn’t take into account the smaller market teams either

  • davecowens

    The only reason this dink has a job is because his uncle is Kevin Mannix, former Pats writer at the Herald.
    I used to play CYO ball with Mannix in Quincy. He rocked rec-specs and lacrosse shorts in games. We called him Rambis. He had a decent game though.