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Paul Pierce Damn Near Killed Himself

I happened to notice a couple of things going through about a thousand different post-championship pictures.  Paul Pierce damn near killed himself… twice.

First… when he stood up to celebrate getting the MVP. 

Check out the look on Doc's face.  Now check out all the NBA lackeys holding that table together while Paul goes mental.  Its one thing for Wyc Grousbeck to get up there… but he's not 6'7", 240. 

Honestly, wouldn't that have been a bitch?  He survives getting stabbed a million times… only to succumb to poorly constructed particle board.

Anyway… here's near-death experience #2:

This time.. it's owner Steve Pagliuca clinging to his investment as he celebrates.  FYI:  Those stairs are supposed to come down so people can climb up into the boats.  Lord knows what kind of latch is on those things.  Poor Celtics management… here they had a chance to celebrate a title… and they had to spend all their time making sure the Finals MVP made it to the weekend in one piece.

And finally… there's this:

I KNEW Pierce slid into second at Fenway.  This could almost be near-death experience #3.  Have you ever seen how fanatical Fenway's ground crew is about their field?  Paul's lucky he's not tied up gimp-style in some long-forgotten basement at Fenway.

Hey Paul… we're thrilled too… but take it easy, huh?  We'd like to do this again next year… and you're sort of important to the team.

(Photos courtesy Getty, AP and Reuters)

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  • I hadn’t seen that slide. Funny. Glad he’s so pumped, though, because I can just feel his giddiness. As for that platform – I don’t know that they meant for anyone to stand on it. As PP was stepping on it, everyone was putting out their hands to catch him and it was wiggling and sliding and ooooohhhh, scary stuff. I was trying to get pics of it but I paused just to stare and hope he didn’t fall.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Doc’s face is priceless. Thanks for the laugh.

  • Chick Hearn’s Ghost

    What did Plaschke say? Seriously – I don’t know. Apparently he alleged that Pierce faked it?
    I’m just going by what I saw. I saw Pierce with a look on his face like he was giving birth to an elephant. I saw him get carried off the floor, then wheeled back on. Then I saw him light up the scoreboard the rest of the series.
    I guess you call that a REAL injury?? I’m not sure what Plaschke said, but if he saw what I saw – and what everyone outside New England saw – then I suppose I’ll have to admit that I agree with Plaschke.
    C. Hearn