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You Know Its Bad When….

even Jay Leno can absolutely wreck your franchise

Hah…. suck it Lakers fans.  


(By the way… this is one of the men crying Leno was talking about)

This gets more fun every day!

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  • Wow. Jay Leno actually did something funny? I love it!! So we’ve made the Lakers choke, the Yankees joke and we choked in the Super Bowl…time to remedy that NE Pats.

  • Purple Guy

    “Hah…. suck it Lakers fans?” That’s classy. I guess that explains the “Jeter Swallows” shirts I saw last time I was in Boston.
    If Bynum heals up, the Celts won’t have the luxury of playing the Lakers w/o their starting center. They’ll have to play the whole Lakers. Leno’s east-coast native writers will have to spoonfeed him some new material when the Lakers start yet another dynasty.

  • JTB

    That’s some world-class clowing by Jay Leno. Well done!

  • Rambis

    Right on, Purple Guy. The Lake Show will be ON the air for years to come. This year’s Celts did great, as everyone expected them to do. But the future’s in LA for sure.
    I played for LA in ’84 when the Celts beat us. But when we saw ’em again in ’85 and ’87, we looked like the Harlem Globetrotters against them. Another such Laker dynasty is a certainty.

  • Jabbar

    Hi, I’m Kareem. I’m basically Bynum’s personal coach. I agree with Purple Guy. Bynum’s gonna be the next premier center. We can’t lose w/ him in the lineup.
    But I’m not a big fan of Artest. He’s too unstable and could screw up our magnificent chemistry. Look for us to pretty much stand pat, which is what you do when you have a royal flush like ours.

  • Purple Guy

    Man, BigMck, you’re SMART figuring out that it was me goofing w/ those other names!
    Hey, guys, don’t get all ruffled here. I’m just a Laker fan. I’m 36. In my lifetime, there has been no pro sports team that’s come even CLOSE to the success the Lakers have had. Don’t take that from me. It’s MATH. Who else has 9 championships over that time period? Not even the vaunted NY Yankees!
    So I’m drunk with the awesome and real prospect of even more Laker success. They skyrocketed all the way to the #2 spot this year, and they’re still heading straight up. Wouldn’t YOU be stoked, too? I’ll answer that for you. Yes, you would.
    Jerry West

  • Purple Dude

    We all know that in terms of basketball tradition, there are the Celts & Lakers; then there’s everyone else.
    The championship count is 17-14 Celts. Apparently you guys went on an epic run in the 19th century, free agency and negroes were allowed. My great grandfather told me about it.
    Anyway, here’s the deal. In June of 2011, that championship count will be 17-17. Any questions?