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Money Will Be Spent

wyc grousbeckWyc Grousbeck isn't the only guy with a financial stake in this team, but he is THE owner.  And while Wyc did a great job of making sure the rest of the ownership team tagged along when the cameras were on… It's Wyc that we look to when we think about ownership.

And its Wyc that we think about when it comes to cutting checks… and Wyc will be cutting a few this offseason.

A year ago today, we were debating whether the Celtics should extend Doc Rivers by a year as a show of good faith.  The added year (2008-09) would be the insurance Doc needed to go into this season without fear of the Sword of Damocles.

Now Doc's a champ going into the final year of his contract… and I'm sure he's looking for a raise.  He'll make $5 mil. next year… but what will he make beyond that?  Will he be looking for a 2 or 3 year extension?  Will he be looking for 6 or 7 mil?  At some point this summer… we'll hear something about extending Doc.

The Celtics have a decision to make about Tony Allen.  He is a restricted free agent, and the C's have to make him a qualifying offer of $2.7 million by June 30 or he'll become an unrestricted free agent.  I've believed from early in the season that the Celtics would, and should, part ways with Tony… but I'm starting to wonder.  Tony can be a lock-down defender and a pretty good scorer when his head is on straight…. and it was NOT on straight this year.  But with a healthy year under his belt… and maybe a stronger bond with his championship teammates… it might be worth a good, long talk with TA to see where his head is at.  And with James Posey potentially in limbo, it might make sense to take a $2.7 million gamble on Tony.  If they both go, then we're left without a go-to defender off the bench.  Of course, another team can still come in and make a higher offer for Tony and force the C's to make another decision… but for now… I'm open to the idea of making that qualifying offer… especially if the C's don't think they can retain Posey.

Leon Poweand Big Baby are both entering the final years of their initial contracts.  Leon will make just under $800k this year… and Baby will make $711k.  Will either of them get extended THIS offseason?  Will both?  I think it depends on the draft.  The Celtics will still have needs at the back-up point guard and center positions.  Gabe Pruitt will get his shot to back up Rajon… so I'm guessing the C's go big in this draft.  At least one mock draft (HoopsWorld) has Roy Hibbert falling to the C's at 30.  If the C's DO get Hibbert… Powe or Davis will become expendable… and in my view right now… its Davis.  Powe is just a better rebounder and scorer.

Of course, none of this takes into account what might be spent on James Posey.  With Poseyand Tony Allen, we've got an 11 man roster under contract.  If they both go, we're at 9 and the payroll is still $68 mil.  We'll have at least one draft pick to bring it to 10 (the mandatory guaranteed salary for the 30th pick:  $797,600 in '08-09, $857,400 in '09-10)… but there are still a couple of slots to fill.  The Celtics will have to probably split up their mid-level exception (in the mid $5 mil. range) to lure some lower-level free agents to town.  Could someone like Chris Duhon get a chance in Boston?  And what about Eddie House?  I'm thinking he's earned himself more than the Celtics are willing to pay. 

Danny Ainge built this championship team by not only trading for Ray and KG… but through key signings like House, Posey and PJ Brown (… and I guess Sam Cassell).  The core is coming back.  The Celtics will have their same starting 5… but their role players could be much different.  No matter what the final team looks like at training camp in a few months… Wyc will be writing some big-time checks to make it come together.

Hey… check out ABC News correspondent (and friend of Red's Army) TJ Winick's piece on the journey of a life-long C's fan.  Captures what a lot of us were feeling over the past year.

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  • Matty S

    If I had to make a choice, I believe I would much rather have Posey than TA. Posey came up REALLY big for us in a few very important playoff games. When his number was called he stepped up whether it was shutdown defense or hitting a clutch 3. I know he is going to be asking for a lot, but in my book if you have a choice between Tony Allen, who “could” be good if like you said, “his head is on straight”, you take Posey, who has ice water in the veins and comes up big when you need him.

  • Jp

    Is the 30th pick a guaranteed contract? Do we have to keep it? I find it hard to argue for giving up either Big Baby or Powe. Tony Allen can walk, though a sign and trade might be in the mix. Cassell also is expendable, unless he is still willing to play for minimum. How much are we paying Scal?
    In my opinion, Posey is the focus of this off season. With out him, I don’t think we won a championship this year. If he likes it here (and why wouldn’t he) then in my mind he is every bit a Celtic player (drive, emotion, attitude) as we have had coming off the bench.
    Funny how I am still nervous about Ainge running the show. But I am resolved to sit and see what he comes up with this off season and season to come. He proved a lot the past 360 days.

  • All first round picks are guaranteed contracts. The 30th pick is the cheapest of them all.
    Scal is making $3.2 this coming season and $3.4 the following season.
    2 more years of Scal… unless he’s traded.
    And I’d LOVE to resign Posey… but the C’s don’t have much money to play with. I’m wondering if the C’s have much choice here. Allen might be their guy.

  • Alex

    Do you think there is any chance that Mario Chalmers could fall to #30? I would love to get him or Brandon Rush, but Rush won’t slide that far.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    I still like Tony, I never gave up on him. But I’d rather have Posey if we can have only one.
    Wyc needs to keep a deep bench again next year. The Celts were rather lucky with limited injuries this season (KG’s ab strain is all I can remember) and getting more rest for the Big 3 would be a nice luxury next season. Why not go further into the luxury tax to win another ring while you have the chance. I’ve noticed more Celtics items being sold out at the NBA store and, so the money should be coming in anyway. I know Jerry Buss will be way over the cap the next few seasons, I think Wyc can afford it too.
    Any 7-footer in the draft and especially Hibbert would be fine.

  • Tim (FD)

    Mario Chalmers is no different than Gabe Pruitt. I’d use that 30th pick on a big guy. Maybe a European player that can develop over the next couple years.
    I think you are so wrong about Tony’s head not being here. That being said, I think it’s best for Tony to go elsewhere where he can get some more money and playing time. It’s best for the Celtics to keep him, but it’s best for him to go elsewhere.

  • I’m guessing Posey will get offers of mid-level money $5.8 million for 3 years….not sure if the Celtics can squeeze that in…

  • papa irish

    that would be awful to lose eddie and pose, resign both of them their to valuable
    i agree that the celtics need to go big in this draft and replace pj with a forward who has some length and height unlike powe and big baby

  • another tim

    ainge should ask mchale to sign gomes for 3.2 mil/year and then trade him straight up for scal.
    or with the way memphis is we might be able to trade scal and a retired pj for mike miller.

  • G4L

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Sasha Yousabitch in Boston… I don’t think it would happen… but I like his game aside from his crying.

  • double P reppin the B

    Someone who i don’t think people realize would be a great fit to back up rondo would be tyronn Lue. Doc absolutely loves this guys game as he has said last season, and he is also best friends with garnett. Hes unrestricted from dallas so we might wanna look at that?

  • Dave

    Have to sign Posey again. Let TA, and Davis go (everyone loves Big B, and he must have led the team in Tommy Points this year, but I can’t see him playing like he does for much longer). I can’t imagine anyone taking Veal from us. That still won’t free up enough money I guess but I need to see Pose in green next year.