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Paul’s First Pitch

This is part of the pregame celebration of the Boston Celtics World Championship (I'll NEVER get tired of writing that).  It starts with the team sprinting out of the center field doors… then there's Paul Pierce whipping a pitch that would have been 3 feet over Big Papi's head… and then the guys all head into the clubhouse to continue drinking. (Here's a good clip of how that looked from the crows…. and Here's a clip of the duckboats driving around the field in the pouring rain)

Some observations:  These guys were flat out giddy.  I know those were grown men… but what makes this whole thing so awesome is that they're acting like any of us would act out there.  They were jumping around… laughing and joking… being goofy. 

And all of that… all of the legitimate joy and celebration… makes this championship more special (at least to me).  The Sox were almost more relieved than anything… and the Pats were following the lead of stoic Bill Belichick.  The C's, however, are acting like happy little kids out there… and I love it.  It is sports after all… and they're enjoying the hell out of the moment.

Then again… a lot of those guys were probably drunk (did anyone hear KG's interview from the pre-party?  Definitely buzzed.  Someone get that clip onto YouTube.. STAT!)… so that probably helped

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  • Doug

    Bad news, leprechaun lovers. The next Laker dynasty is imminent. In fact, if Bynum didn’t get hurt, it would have started a week ago. After the Lakers win the next 3 titles, this championship the Celts bought will be forgotten. Sorry.

  • GREAT clip of the Celts at Fenway – gotta love Wyc keeping up behind Lucky with the trophy held high overhead. The guy’s worth like 9 figures and he’s running like a kid after an ice cream truck.
    Class act Sox – nicely done. Hopefully the Celts can pay you back come early November.

  • Alvaro

    Hey guys Ive been reading all yr and it has been a joy. Im a 23 yr old fan from Panama and have been following them since 92 (which was hard with no internet) and to win this One was just a blessing Im incredibly proud to be a Celtic, ppl have been congratulating me all week cuz they know how much I love the team.
    Just wanted to let you know that Paul Pierce will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday which should be interesting since Kimmel is a Lakers fan.
    Keep up the phenomenal work,
    Lets go for 18!!

  • Bill

    I love how much of a brotherhood there is among the big three teams here in Titletown. Not sure what it’s like in other big sports towns but you gotta love the way the guys in one sport come out and support guys from another. Of course, it helps when a Boston team wins a championship just about every year this decade.