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The Parade In Photos, Part 1

pierce and garnett

This is the professional photo version of parade day.  I'm doing this first, honestly, because it is easier for me.  These are all in one place and they're easy for me to link to.  I've got an inbox, and camera, full of fan photos that I will get to (I swear).  In the meantime, read Rajon Rondo's take on the parade on his blog.

posey and perkins

wyc grousbeck

garnett and cassell


the big 3

ray allen

glen davis

cassell and garnett

paul pierce

kevin garnett

doc rivers

leon powe

rajon rondo

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  • JTB

    Somebody needs to tell Glen Davis to keep his shirt on. Geez lou-friggin-weeze that’s a bad body. Get in shape, Big Fella!