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Way To Go C’s Fans

This is Quinn.  She is hot.  And despite the shirt, she's actually a Boston fan working for Boston.tv… trying to see if Celtics fans would still hit on her, during the game, despite her get up. 

And to your credit… most of you refused.  Then again… its easy to refuse that with a camera in your face knowing you've got to publicly stick up for the Green.  I wonder how many of those C's fans offered to "console" the hot blond in the Lakers jersey after the game.

"look honey… I know I told you to screw earlier… but don't take the loss so hard.  Why don't you come back to my place… we'll get you out of that shirt… and when we wake up tomorrow, I'll buy you a 'World Champions' shirt."

You smooth devils, you.

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  • LakersAlldayandnight

    she is fucking ugly lol no offense guys. Her face gives me the creeps

  • Lalerhater

    I like the jersey, she’s signaling that she likes it rough and consent is no big deal.

  • Why is she hot? Because she’s blond and tanned? She’s got a good smile but looks like she needs a meal. Bonerack…