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Tony Allen’s Dunk

RedsArmyAdmin June 19, 2008 Uncategorized 4 Comments on Tony Allen’s Dunk

I'm watching the rebroadcast of Game 6 on NBA TV right now (10:00 pm ET).  I hope they win again. 

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  • papa irish

    was that an F YOU dunk or a SIGN ME dunk

  • Tim (FD)

    Yeah I loved that. So happy for Tony Allen… he’s gone through so much, and even if he didn’t contribute a whole lot in the playoffs, but he was certainly a part of this. For a guy to go through all the hard work and hundreds of hours of physical therapy and make it all the way back and just be a part of this… I couldn’t be happier for Tony. As much as I’d love for the C’s to re-sign him, I’d be happy if he got a nice deal somewhere where he can show people the Tony Allen we saw last December and January.

  • Well… that dunk certainly answered questions about his physical health. He got up there.

  • Bill

    Well said in your first post Tim. I don’t know what it is about TA that I like, maybe it’s his slashing to the hole, maybe it’s because he’s only worn green in his career but whatever it is, I wish him the best. He’s got a lot of potential but I don’t see him reaching that potential here in Boston. The team’s gotten too talented to have room for the TA we saw last year. From the little bit of face time he got during the celebration, I loved his positivity and his team spirit despite not getting much more than garbage during the playoffs. Best of luck man.