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World Champs

RedsArmyAdmin June 18, 2008 Uncategorized 13 Comments on World Champs

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  • Mike Toole

    Chuck and John,
    Congratulations to you guys and all of your readers! The bandwagon is bigger than ever now – but you guys are the epitome of dedicated fans. Enjoy it – you all deserve it!
    Happy 17th!

  • Toole….you rock!!! Thanks…..

  • Ajay

    Congratulation’s Boston Celtics. Your are our champs of the NBA. I hate Celtics so much more now I want you guys in June next year guys again Congratulation.

  • TheTruthIsALie

    You know this really hurts but I can only be grateful for the life I have. It makes me sick sometimes to think that I care more about my sports team losing than about the fact that a majority of people don’t even have enough food to stay alive. I’m young, I’m heading to college this year, I’ve got my whole life ahead of me, and I’m still a Laker fan. I’m luckily that my life is priveleged enough to be able to sit down and enjoy a sporting event while millions are suffering. That’s just my perspective. As the hate will come, the bandwagon will empty, and the real Lakers fans will be the only ones left, well not completely but it will be mostly real Lakers fans. Go ahead and mock my team, and laugh at me, all I can say is atleast I have my health and my family. The Lakers losing is far down my list of possible tragedies.

  • Raichu

    We Did It!
    I just remembered the final post in last Season’s red’s army blog “Were in a better place now” Man This was one hell of a fairy tale turnaround! The Team Deserves it. WE Deserve this.

  • Congratulations!!!
    You guys should all be very proud of your team and enjoy the summer! Party safe and embrace the moment!
    Congrats to, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Doc Rivers, and all the role players. I look forward to many great games with you next season to renew the rivalry!
    All the best.

  • double P reppin the B

    Absolutely AMAZING game, rondo put all the haters in check with a near quadruple double haha wow i cant believe this seeing KG celebrating was the funniest thing ive seen in awhile.. i couldn’t be more happy
    RedsArmy –> Recommendation for Tshirts I dont know if you caught it but Garnett kept saying “I’m CERTIFIED”
    how about a shirt that says CERTIFIED with a celtic shamrock on it, id buy it! haha

  • Eli

    Reds Army – thanks for your coverage this year! You guys were my go to blog for C’s coverage.

  • Lakers Fan

    Congratulations Celtics! It will definitely be a long summer for all Laker fans. Hopefully we will meet once again next year in the finals. Once again, congratulations to the C’s.

  • Al

    A few random thoughts as I watch the game roll out (recorded). I first teared up when KG came back in the game with 10 to play (Thanks Doc). It wasn’t the last time.
    I think the ‘BIG 3’ slogan should be put to bed – I like the BIG 12 (dirty dozen?)
    If u think KG only shows up at home – you’re an ass. Go and watch the defensive end.
    Just seen the Doc ‘Trophy sequence – “I don’t wanna touch it until I have it – then I can touch it whenever I want to……” – that was magic….
    The KG/Pierce/Doc Hug moment – Magic
    Watching KG hug every member of the staff as the game was going on – magic
    Doc looked good in a pink shirt.
    KG – best interview – ever – Great to see Bill Russell there – that man – what can u say
    Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Danny Ainge, Doc Rivers and everyone one in Green. Thank you. Thank you.
    Well it’s 11.29 pm NZ time now and all the celebrations have finished on tv. I bought a 6 pack for a mate who helped me out coaching a school sports team and unfortunately I’ve drunk it all. Sorry Barry, will fix u up!!! The bottles were green!!
    As I followed KG career, like many fans I thought he’d never get there. He’s not the perfect player but my god – he plays with heart and passion. Does he pass too much? – yes, but he’s gives it his all. He’s a champion. He’s a champion and watching him looking so happy and with the shoutout to ‘Sota – just @#$%^#$^ awesome.
    As a sports fan I’ve been long suffering, just mention All Blacks and the word choke comes to mind. ’87 when I was 14 they won the world cup. Now I’m 34. I follow Man City (last trophy 1976), obviously all NZ teams and KG. It’s not easy but this has been euphoria.
    Congrats to all long time Celtics fans. I’m not one of those and never pretend to be but I feel your elation.

  • Mike D

    Its nice to know the real Laker fans are gracious in defeat.
    Alot of Big three coverage but have to give it up for RONDO(best game of the playoffs all around), POSEY, HOUSE, POWE, BABY, PJ, SAM, TONY, and PERK…and most important that not many have mentioned….TOM THIBODEAU!

  • LakersAlldayandnight

    Congratulations to the boston celtics. You guys played hard all season with heart and passion, and i know i said some sh!t about you guys throughout the season, but now i have to admit, THIS team deserves the ship this year. Gratz boston
    As for my team, i am very proud of my lakers team. Even though we got embarrased i will say, we got embarrased by the only team in the team better than us. I am so proud of this team. We were supposed to be in the lottery and we got to the finals. I am so proud of kobe for working so hard to win the MVP. I am proud of lamar, pau, and derek for doing alot of work to get us to the finals. I am proud of our bench for stepping up all season. I am proud of Phil Jackson for coaching excellent throughout the season. And finally, i am proud of the lakers team for giving us lakers fans great memories throughout the season. THANKS LAKERS
    We’ll see you guys next year boston, make it to the finals so we can play you again. We WILL be better. Who knows what’ll happen

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