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Thanking The Celtics

My ongoing, blatantly overt effort to get free things from major corporations continues in the afterglow of the NBA Championships.  This is Reebok thanking Red.  I will say… the effect of making that statue move was cool.  (Crossing fingers… hoping for XLT Celtics jogging suit)

One day… some shoe company is going to sign a blogger to some kind of shoe contract.  Dammit… its gonna be me.

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  • zippittyay

    THANK YOU for the best basketball blog i have ever read. OK, so i haven’t read a whole lot of them but still….. Red’s Army is the first thing i go to on my yahoo home page. If only my CELTSOX license plate had arrived from the NH DOT in time for the parade….
    Now i’m starting to think about how the patriots ruined what would have been an epic New England sports year….

  • Doing the trip around the Celtics blogs today.
    Far, far too good. Well done Celtics.
    My message to Celtics and all associated…
    “Boston Celtics, congratulations.
    Boston fans, enjoy your victory. It was hard-earned, and a long time in the coming. Savor it’s sweetness, especially given that it comes with the defeat of an old, old enemy.”

  • leon4prez

    Definitely teary eyed over this one; definitely.