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“My Best Opportunity Of Winning Them Rings”

Thanks to reader I Bleed Green in LA (Note:  How much are YOU loving life right now???) for bringing up this video again.  He's right… it really means something now. 

I remember getting tingles when I saw that ad the first time (although, that's actually the first minute-long version I've seen).  This time… I got more than tingles.

Seriously.  How awesome is today?

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  • j m

    i love that commercial because i remember that day. i felt exactly like that taxi driver.
    and on that day, i told my daughter to remember too. she really liked the young players who were traded away, and was a little disappointed but i told her everything would work out alright.
    she’s a happy kid today. i am too. i feel like a kid much like KG last night.

  • I’m an hour south of L.A. and yeah right now… life is good. All those Laker car flags vanished like the Charger flags. All the delivery guys at work are Lakers maniacs, one by one they have been coming in and I haven’t said a word… I haven’t had to, I’ve just been giving them great big grins from ear to ear.
    One told me: “I don’t know what that was?”
    I replied: “You Got Rondo’ed”
    Or is it Sham-Rocked?
    This commercial used to give me tingles now when Garnett says:
    “I think this is the best chance for me to win a championship.”
    I tear up.

  • Alex

    Could anyone who went to the game tell me how loud it was in the fourth quarter when the rout was on and the singing and chanting started. I was watching on TV at my house and I have never heard anything like it. The whole scene was awesome and strange at the same time. It just did not seem real. The Lakers must have been wishing they had lost game 5. Talk about intimidation. Good job Celtic fans.