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Light It Up Red

RedsArmyAdmin June 18, 2008 Uncategorized 5 Comments on Light It Up Red

5 minutes away from a world championship.

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  • Shawn

    Thank you Red, you made this, and are as much today a part of this as ever. Congrats guys, celebrate like theres no tommoro I’ll see you at the parade. Now lets do it again.

  • JannyBug

    This win would have made Red SOOOO Happy! Gosh. It makes ME Happy! Congratulations to players, coaches, fans, and anybody else I forgot about. There is a reason I bleed Celtic Green in Texas … and you surely proved it tonight. You were AWESOME! And you’re a tribute to the Celtics of previous championships. Many thanks to for your insight, your thoughts, your chutzpah. I’ve had fun lurking on the website for months and months. Keep the faith guys.

  • papa irish


  • ha! i lit my red memorial cigar in the third
    best smoke ever

  • Josh

    My father and I lit ours up once we noticed Scal, Pruitt, and Pollard had changed clothes for the celebration. I was in 2nd grade in 1986, so this is the first time I got to take part in this ritual.
    I wonder how many people at the game ignored no smoking laws and lit up…