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Lakers Are Favored Next Year

It's never too early to start thinking about next season. According to (sorry I couldn't find next seasons odds on your site), the extremely soft Los Angeles Lakers are 2-1 favorites to win the NBA championship. The mighty Celtics are second at 4-1. Say what? Is Andrew Bynum really enough to turn a series between these teams? Will Ray and KG suddenly look old? Here are the favorites….

  • Lakers 2-1
  • Celtics 4-1
  • Spurs 8-1
  • Pistons 10-1
  • Hornets 15-1
  • Suns 15-1
  • Jazz 15-1
  • Cavs 15-1

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  • lakerhater

    Lakers won’t make it out of the semi’s. Could be hornets, could be Blazers,could be Jazz, WTF it could even be Nellie and the boys from Oakland but it won’t be Lakers. Unless Shaq comes back then who knows.

  • double P reppin the B

    adding artest to the lakers on paper would seem like a great fit, but personality wise?? kobe screaming at teamates with a strong personality like artest in there, might make for some good television haha

  • Josh

    I really don’t understand what goes into lines or all that much about sports betting, but how in the world can you even set odds on next season the day after the last game, before any player moves or even the draft has taken place? And 2-1 odds at that? Can some one please explain this process to me? And also do people actually bet on this stuff this far in advance?

  • TheTruthIsALie

    Please keep telling yourself that Bynum is nothing…..

  • Cel

    are they serious? after their humiliating defeat at the hands of the celtics, they’re still the favorites to win?

  • Steve

    Bad news, Leprechaun lovers. The Lake Show will be back on the air this fall. The next 3-peat starts in June ’09. Yet another Laker dynasty looms large on the horizon.

  • Braddymac

    Please…. Lakers will be a favorite for some time but there’s no threepeat for ANY team out west. The west as a whole is just too equal. And should you guys run into Celtics again it will be same result for next two years or so, maybe longer.

  • paulpiercegotstabbed11timesinhisowncity

    i guess the odds were right.