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KG Is Emotional

RedsArmyAdmin June 18, 2008 Uncategorized 5 Comments on KG Is Emotional

Kevin Garnett is simply not human.  The look on his face beginning at the 8 second mark of this video is insane.  And I don't mean "wow, that's awesome" insane.  I mean "this guy might be performing a satanic ritual" insane. 

I never, ever, expected this in the KG trade.  Never.  Not even close.  This level of emotion is impossible to comprehend.  So all we can do is enjoy it. 

Lets start with this… WBZ-TV's locker room video… KG kicks it off very nicely

These next two videos, of course, via Odenized.

Classic KG postgame

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  • willomara

    That was KG getting Odom back on the stupid tongue-wagging LO did in LA. I love it when KG pays the punks back…(see game 7 back court pick on Zaza P.)

  • gio

    Really proud of KG and C’s. they showed up big time for this game. They really deserve this championship. And I’m proud of being a KG fan (ever since the start)…and seeing him finally win a ring is very fulfilling. I love the emotion that he let out after winning, seems like a huge exhale after enduring so much as a player (playing for the wolves).

  • Yogi

    That looked like a Volleyball spike right in Odoms Face!Man I loved that.

  • Hey I just published a piece in the e-magazine Jewcy on how Garnett gives me hope the Arab-Israeli conflict can be solved. I kid not 🙂

  • SBG

    I’m a KG fan from way back (I was at his first professional pre-season game, fer chrissakes) and I suffered through all of the losing here in Minnesota. The guy was over the top fantastic here. To see him get the ring was the highlight of the year.
    And, by the way, Michele Tafoya lives in Minneapolis and I think she’s probably aware of how emotional he is.