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No Excuses

RedsArmyAdmin June 17, 2008 Uncategorized 8 Comments on No Excuses

kendrick perkins and paul pierce

I want Perk to play.  I want Rondo to play well.  I want Ray's son to be OK so he can focus on the game.  I want KG to shut Jason Whitlock the hell up

I want all those things.  And I want them all tonight.  But if none of those things happen… here's one thing I don't want:  excuses.

If Perk can't go… then a championship team should have bench players that can fill in.  If Rondo is not right… then E House or Sam should fill the gap.  If Ray is off.. then we've got stars that should carry us.  If KG isn't clutch… then maybe Paul has to be.  Great teams have guys who step up.  Guys who make plays when they have to, even if most people don't know their names. 

So I don't care if the team plane got in at 11 last night.  They're home… in their own beds… with plenty of time to get sleep. 

The Boston Celtics have proven to us fans that they, despite all of these obstacles, are the better team.  Now they have to go prove it on the court later tonight.  This is where we expected you to be.  Celtics in 6.  This is 6.

Feed off the fans if you want, Celtics.  We will give you plenty.  48 minutes of effort and you can spend a month in the Bahamas.  We want this now.  No excuses.  No nothing.  Go out there… and win.

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  • Good luck guys… hoping for a good game – and hoping we take you to 7! Gets to 7, anything can happen!

  • papa irish

    start big baby

  • Pete

    I can’t take another game and I wouldn’t be as confident in a game 7 as there would be a LOT of pressure on the big three while the Lakers would be happy just to get there; nevermind the kobe factor.
    I thought Bob Ryan had a good article today and think it’ll be a good game tonight but we’ll close it out in the 4th and hopefully see Gino at the 2 minute mark.

  • gio

    good title for the entry…no more excuses C’s 17 on the 17th.
    C’s need the crowd’s energy more than ever. IMO, our big men should step up, KG down to PJ brown.
    “that’s how you fight…let’s go C’s, one more C’s…let’s go.”
    -The Truth

  • Dave

    Have to do it tonight. If it goes to 7 my head will explode.

  • ssshady35

    Today is the 17th is that just coincedence or is it fate. Good luck Celtics bring home # 17!!!

  • Agreed. Unlike the Lakers, the players and coaches on this team don’t make excuses. They are mentally tougher and it will show tonight.