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Jet Lag, Vegas & Jemele

As if a cross-country flight isn't bad enough, we've learned the Celtics flight out of L.A. was delayed some 6 hours today due to mechanical issues with the plane. So instead of them landing around 5pm EST, they won't get back until 11pm EST. On the bright side, the Globe's Marc Spears reports that Ray Allen will play Tuesday night and his child, who was rushed to the hospital Sunday, will be OK. According to the Associated Press, Kendrick Perkins will be a game-time decision.

Our favorite source for online betting,, has the Celtics at 4.5 point favorites (-200 money line) for Game 6. Frankly, I'm puzzled by this line.  

Updating the Jemele Hill situation, here's the email I received from several hours after issuing my complaint:

Thank you for contacting us.

We value the comments and opinions of our fans.  Your comments in reference to Jamele Hill will be forwarded to the appropriate department for review.

Thanks for visiting

For live assistance with this or any other issue, please call Customer Care at 1-888-549-3776 (ESPN) between 7:00 am and 2:00 am EST.


David Customer Care

Thanks David. For future emails, you might want to correct your spelling of Jemele's name. I'll be sure to give you a call just to make sure you haven't forgotten about us. 

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  • D

    That sucks. Sounds like a LALA special. But you know what; less time to be at home thinking of things, more of a reason to come out with a vengeance. Afterall tired and angry sometimes makes for the most focused and scrappiest fighter.
    On another note, I think someone needs to stick Odom and his tongue wagging in his place.

  • Ajay

    has anyone seen this yet it’s a classic Laker fans yelling and hollering at KG, Pierce, Brown, and Sam Cassell

  • Yeah. We posted that a couple of days ago.
    You know… once upon a time… Celtics fans used to find out where the other team is staying and pull the fire alarm at 3am.
    Just sayin’

  • GOOD!! Let it be this way. We shouldn’t have the series handed to us on a silver platter. This is what I love about the C’s, they’ll face adversity, but when it comes down to it, they never complain, they just go out there and get it done like professionals. GO CELTS!!