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For Better Or For Worse

rajon rondoHome Rondo is aggressive and gets into the middle of defense to wreak havoc and destroy rotations.  Road Rondo seems nervous and tentative.

Home Rondo knocks down baseline jumpers when he's open.  Road Rondo passes up layups to pass out to the three point line. 

rajon rondoHome Rondo is the guy that makes Reebok dream up a viral video campaign.  Road Rondo couldn't even make the YouTube clip himself. 

Home Rondo is back tonight.  And I'm willing to put this kid out there on this stage… and unleash him in front of all his home fans.  This crazy fast kid has all the tools needed to break Kobe Bryant down (He was HORRIBLE playing Paul Pierce face-up in game 5.  I wonder why no one really talked about that?) and get to the basket. 

Maybe the 16 assist game ruined him and he's now passing up even easy shots to try to pick up dimes.  Maybe that ankle of his is in his head.  Who knows?  All I know is that I've liked what Home Rondo has shown me all playoffs long.  We need him… and I think that he delivers tonight.

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  • Tim (FD)

    Yeah…. stick with what’s gotten you here to start. You’ve gotta start Rondo, and House has gotta be the first guard off the bench.
    House’s energy is half of his value… and his energy doesn’t mean anything if he starts.

  • Paul

    I couldn’t agree more about Rondo. He’ll be fine tonight. Look for him to be FAR more aggressive and getting to the hole at whim like he did in Game 2 (why does everyone forget that 16-assist game?). Guarantee you he watched the tape of himself passing up a wide open layup for a pass to Pierce over and over again. He’s going to have a monster game.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Oh No, Joey “the walking penis” Crawford is a Kobe fan. The Celtics better make this a blowout, or these refs will favor the Flakers in a close game late. Not good. Not what I wanted to wake up too.