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RedsArmyAdmin June 16, 2008 Uncategorized 5 Comments on Now on Barstool

On Barstool today, I'm making the case for Eddie House to start Game 6:

This "comeback" thing is getting old. Aside from the obvious notion of playing better 1st quarter defense, Doc Rivers should shuffle up the starting line-up for Game 6. Play Eddie House. Rajon Rondo (ankle injury or not) has become completely ineffective on the offensive end. Starting House keeps the Lakers defense honest, even if he's not hitting shots. And with the Celtics defense arriving late to games, we could use the firepower. While it sounds like a drastic move, it really isn't because Rondo hasn't logged extensive minutes in the past few games.

 And the Stoolies are also expressing their feelings about Jemele Hill.

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  • gocharles

    Please Doc don’t start with Rondo in Game-6.
    I have been following the Celts playoff games, especially, the last 3 against Cleveland, Pistons and Lakers and I must say, without any offense, I don’t think Rondo’s game is mature enough to dictate an NBA finals game. I strongly belief he needs another 2 to 3 years in the league to develop confidence and intensity. His inability to control a game has been very obvious whenever the Big 3s are not having a a good game.
    In this Lakers-Celtics series we have seen Rondo time and time again passing on open shots or refuse to drive to the basket, instead he looks to pass the ball to his already double-teamed mates.
    It’s very obvious in this series that the Lakers always build their leads whenever Rondo is on the court but have their leads wiped out whenever Rondo is off the court and Eddie House is on the court. If I was Doc Rivers I won’t start Rondon in Game 6, Rondo’s game is not season enough for the intensity of this series, and if care is not taken he could cost them the championship because if Boston can’t close the series in Game 6 then it becomes any team’s championship.
    Please Doc don’t start with Rondo

  • Jmac

    The calls to bench Rajon are premature. You’re up 3-2 and coming back home – why show signs of panic? You keep ypiur starting 5 and see if being at home helps Rondo get moving. Did we all forget the 16 dimes he dropped in game 2? I understand the call for more Eddie House if Rajon is hurt and/or is unwillng/unalbe to make Kobe pay for roaming off of him, but if he is healthy (enough), he gets the start. Dont’ Panic!!!

  • gocharles

    Rondo is only effective when the others are performing well and their lead is well cushioned. In this crucial game 6 Boston need a Point Guard who can take control of the game or at least space the floor and put pressure on the Lakers. At this stage every point counts and Boston can’t afford any non-aggressive player on the court.
    Rondo is not yet ready to take ownership of a game, especially a finals game. Passing on easy 2-points for an uncertain 3-point is not an option at this stage, not driving to basket and drawing a foul is also not option. More attacking game from Rondo gets Boston to the free-throw line and possibly get the Lakers in foul trouble.
    This is an advice Doc Rivers ought to take seriously.

  • Braddymac

    When you think of it the Celtics have accumulated WAY more Tommy Points this season than the Lakers and all the other NBA teams combined….

  • Lance

    Good call.
    Rondo’s line: 21 points, 8 assists, 1 turnover, 7 rebounds, 6 steals… in 32 minutes!!! Was the best player on the floor and Phil Jackson agreed after the game. The kid’s a stud.