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RedsArmyAdmin June 16, 2008 Uncategorized 8 Comments on Not Yet

Chalk this loss up to another slow start. After falling behind by 19 points in the 1st quarter, the Celtics rallied but never fully made it out of that hole. The play of the game came with :40 seconds left in the 4th, the Celtics down 2 with the ball – Kobe Bryant managed to poke the ball away from Paul Pierce (it was a blatant reach-in that went uncalled – hmmm, I wonder why Dick Bavetta didn't see it?) and score on a slam. The Lakers capitalized on the absence of Kendrick Perkins by outrebounding the Celtics. Pau Gasol (19 pts, 13 reb) and Lamar Odom (20 pts, 11 reb) both had big games in the paint. Let's just say this wasn't KG's best game. He battled foul trouble all night, and missed 3-out-of-4 free throws in the final 3 minutes. Paul Pierce (38 pts, 8 assists, 48 minutes) was magnificent. Let's hope he has some gas in the tank for Game 6 on Tuesday.

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  • Jp

    I think this one goes on KG. I know he ended with a lot of rebounds, but it sure seemed to me he was flat footed a lot of the game, flat armed too (get those hands up big man!) No blocks? No assists? At one point I even asked out loud if there was something wrong with him.
    Also, I would have preferred to start the game with the lineup that made it all happen in game 4. When Powe wasn’t as much a factor early I was hoping to see Posey come in. It bothered me that we had to give up 31 points in under 10 minutes before we brought in our defensive stud, Posey.

  • Thoughts and prayers definately go out to Ray Allen and his family as diabetes has touched the lives of the Wicked Pissa Dude Family over the last couple of months and it is not an easy thing to go through.
    On to the game, even with the “steal” the C’s had a chance to win at the end and couldn’t close the door. The biggest difference between the Celts and the Lakers though is that no one talked about the “steal” in their post-game pressers like the Lakers and Kobe would’ve bitched about it if the shoe was on the other foot.
    Let’s close this thing out at home. Game 6 is OUR GAME!!

  • TheTruthIsALie

    You beat me to it Ajay! I came here to say my thoughts are out there for Ray’s duaghter. My family has problems with diabetes so I know how hard it is to deal with. And on father’s day too. That’s terrible for you to have to go through that on a day where you are supposed to be celebrating(Not the championship 😛 but Father’s Day).

  • Ajay… even with all they were missing and with Ray obviously dealing with other things… the Celtics had their chances to win.
    We’re hoping for the best with Ray’s daughter. Luckily, Boston has some of the finest hospitals and medical care in the world… so I’m sure Tierra will be treated very well.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    I was there, and it didn’t hurt that bad. The crowd was into it, Perk was gone, very slow start, KG foul trouble and we still had a chance to win it. A couple of late turnovers and sloppy play finished us. There was alot of green in the crowd, that was nice.
    Now, it is in your hands. Celtics fans need to come out and get loud early and often. A “NO MEANS NO” chant is necessary. Get it done in game 6.

  • Ajay

    Reds I’m not criticizing you at all but how did you not see what the Celtics were missing tonight. Yes KG was in foul trouble ray not his typical night and Paul Pierce was just magnificent but Perkins is this Celtics teams toughness . That will be a issue in game 6 since i heard Perkins is doubtful in game 6.

  • ShooterMcGavin

    i agree..i thought the lakers played hard and earned the win for the most part
    but not having perkins killed the celts on the boards tonight
    and that was a foul on pierce…but i love to see none of the celtics complain about it like every call the lakers have complained about this whole series
    they should win on tuesday

  • LakersAlldayandnight

    One thing i dont understand about you celtics fans and this site is, are you so wrapped up about winning that YOU DONT EVEN POST AN ARTICLE ABOUT YOUR OWN PLAYER(ray allen)’s daughter having diabetes? UnF’ucking beliveable. Even us Lakers fans show respect to ray allen, because family is ALWAYS before basketball