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Mano e Mano

RedsArmyAdmin June 16, 2008 Uncategorized 8 Comments on Mano e Mano

This game has turned into Kobe Bryant vs Paul Pierce. Kobe (15 pts) carried the play in the 1st quarter as the Lakers surged to an 18 point lead. The Truth (21 pts) dominated the 2nd as the C's sliced the lead to just 3 at the half. 

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  • #17 is so close…..sooo close……Ray has been quiet all game, time to come alive. Feelin it!!!

  • papa irish

    we’ll just have to take care of things back in boston

  • double P reppin the B

    missing perk actually really hurt us tonight more than people realize, all those easy layups from farmar and gasol and odom hittin the boards so hard… really messed up our flow combined with foul trouble to our bigs and higher minutes, man i hope perk is ready to play tuesday

  • Aingelives

    Oh I saw it everytime greaserboy missed a jumper they got a second chance. Kobe is overated

  • DreinLosAngeles

    Edit check – it’s actually “Mano a Mano.”
    Very interesting game… if the Lakers are going to win the Championship, they are going to REALLY earn it.

  • G4L

    Its over!! C’s got this!

  • Tim (FD)

    Feel real good about this one.

  • Alex-PTY

    spanish verified, right.. it is “mano a mano”
    C’s in 6!
    Gasoft —> overrated
    so what about the all mighty “Zen Master” who reads minds and spreads knowledge and all that BS? i stay with the Doc!
    then again… C’s in 6!