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“…Keep That Mother#*%!@$ Rocking”

The Boston Celtics did not finish off the Los Angeles Lakers in 5 games like I hoped.  Yes, they squandered some opportunities… but they were really trying to win that game… and they didn't.  The Lakers Kobe Bryant came out ridiculously hot… and the C's could never recover.  I'm OK with that.  I would have been pissed if they mailed it in.  The effort was there, however… even if the execution was not.

So its looking good for my prediction of Celtics in 6… but I'd like to thank the Lakers fans who emailed me personally to call me stupid for thinking the C's could end it in 5.  As a thank you, I'd like to extend my personal invitation to all of you tune in tomorrow night and here what a real crowd sounds like.  You fake-show crowds should be embarrassed for sitting on your hands whenever the Celtics make a run. 

Celtics fans… the call has been issued.  The Celtics are banged up.  Perk might not play tomorrow.  Both teams are going to face jet lag.  But one team will get its juice from you.  Its time to end this charade tomorrow night.  Rajon Rondo says… the team needs you more than ever.

I have confidence in my team, and I'm sure we will bounce back! I'm going to need to see and hear all the fans on Tuesday in the Garden. Like KG says, "…keep that mother#*%!@$ rocking." 

You heard the man.  By the way, according to TrueHoop, Ray Allen should be with the team tomorrow.  I know the word is his daughter was diagnosed with diabetes.  There's still no official word on what happened, though.  No matter what, we all hope she feels well very soon.  Our thoughts are with Ray and his family.

I'd like to thank a few of our readers for showing up at Boston Beer Works last night.  It was great meeting "Green 4 Life" and his crew… even though they insulted me 2 minutes after we met by comparing me to the annoying guy in the GMC Denali ads:

my doppelganger?

Thanks guys.  Next time, just walk in to the bar and kick me in the nuts. 

To be fair, I think I made 3 of those faces… and I was rubbing my head like that through the whole 3rd quarter.  At least they made up for it by buying me beer.  And let's never forget one simple fact about me:  I can be bought… and usually for a lot less than you think.

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  • Matty S.

    Oh snap! What a diss! Well I happened to be at Beer Works myself last night with a few crazed C’s fans. I looked around for you guys for a bit but got too consumed with the game before I found anyone. If someone had told me you looked like the guy from the Denali ads I’m SURE I would have found you ahahaha. Oh well, it was a decent game and the C’s nearly beat the Show again in their own house, I think we should fare much better tomorrow night.

  • aw, you know I’m kidding.

  • Dave

    Man I hope Rondo gets back on track. He’s been on a steady decline since the first series with his flashes of brilliance getting fewer and more far between.

  • Last night was a good game with good signs for both teams. I’ve learned that the Celtics win for one reason, big runs. In last night’s game alone they put together a 15-0 run and a 14-2 run to keep them in the game. This is not a team with real offensive firepower, but the defensive stops often result in transition offense, easy baskets, and momentum. I am really looking forward to seeing what happens next game at Boston Garden. If the Lakers come out strong again, will the fans stay extremely loud to rally the team back?? I’m sure they will more than the Staples fans do, it’s just the truth, Staples fans come to the arena and watch basketball as if it’s a movie and the players don’t need emotional support.