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Who is Hotter, Part II

For all the success Red's Army has had over the past year, I'm embarassed to reveal that our most popular post continues to be - Who is Hotter. Yes, I posted pictures of Brandi Garnett, Julie Landrum (Paul Pierce's girl) and Shannon Williams (Ray's chick) and asked you for feedback. Now we're taking this to the next level by comparing the Celtics women with their counterparts on the Lakers. Have a look:


I'm not sure which one is the bigger blowout…the series or this competition.

Editor's Note: I know there's a lot of Julie Landrum haters out there, please refrain from posting slanderous comments. Thanks….

Photos: Complex.com

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  • who da guy

    Holy shit, is that really fish’s girl? That just doesn’t make any sense, i mean the man does have millions of dollers, right? Maybe he likes a little more cushin for the pushin, but come on. Any way, kobe’s wife is by far the hottest, its not even close in my opinion.

  • Alex

    Ray wins.

  • Thatruthhurts

    oh you make it no fun if we can’t talk about julie ! Vanessa and brandy are clear front runners. The rest are just there. As far as Fish’s wife is concerned its clear you put her picture on here so she will be made fun of but after all that family has been through with their daughter, appearance is the last thing they are worried about

  • chowder-head

    Well I can tell you for who has the worse looking broad its Pierce by far….she looks tired…Ray wins followed by kobe and somehow KG’s girl would look 100 times better if kg wasnt in the pic talk about a mismatch