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Vegas Must Be Crazy… Or Are They?

For the third straight game, the Lakers are favored in Los Angeles.  They didn't cover in game 3.  We know what happened in Game 4.  Now Vegas has the Lakers -7 in game 5. 

I don't think the Lakers win by 7.  I don't even think the Lakers are going to win…. which makes this a great line for Vegas.  They'll get a ton of money from the "Lakers are toast" crowd eager to get 7 points… and they'll get a ton from the "Celtics will mail it in crowd."  Heavy action on both sides… just how Vegas likes it.

Its going to be interesting to see what Pau Gasol considers "more aggressive" in this game.

"I'll try to be as aggressive as I can, offensively and defensively," Gasol told reporters on Saturday.


"I've tried to do a good job defensively on (Celtics forward Kevin) Garnett all series long but I'll try to be a little more assertive on offense, if I get the chance." 

"If I get a chance" means "if Kobe passes me the ball." 

John Hollinger is suggesting the Lakers go small to open things up… which means Pau and a bunch of shooters (and not Lamar Odom).  Basically… the Lakers are going to try everything they can… every lineup and trick. 

And I can't imagine what the players are going through.  I'm nervous as hell.

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  • I would never bet on my team because it would inevitably jinx them, but if I was a betting man I would put my money on the C’s tonight. The Lakers are too deflated from Game 4 to make a run at the Celts. They are going to make a good run at winning in the Dunder Mifflin Center tonight.
    GO CELTS!!