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It Ends Tonight

RedsArmyAdmin June 15, 2008 Uncategorized 4 Comments on It Ends Tonight

This is it. 

A win… and one of the most magical season in Celtics history will come to an end.  Paul, Ray and KG will get that ring they've been desperate for their whole careers.  They've all been so unselfish with the ball all year, I wonder if the one time they'll fight over one is when its attached to a big golden base.

There should be no motivation needed here.  This game is unlike the Game 3's or Game 6's that we lost in the first two rounds.  This is a chance to finally get what they've been waiting for.  Beyond that… the exhausted, beat down Celtics don't want to play any more than the 48 minutes in front of them. 

The mail-in makes no sense anymore because you're not saving yourself for anything anymore. 

Tonight, the swarming defense should be more stifling than ever.  Everyone should be running on offense and taking the ball to the hole.  No settling for jumpers tonight.  No open lanes to the hole.  No bad rotations that leave shooters open. 

The X's and O's are done.  This thing tonight is all about effort.  The Celtics need to summon 48 minutes of the same effort they had in the last 24 minutes of game 4.  If they do that, then we'll be able to celebrate tonight. 

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And people have been stepping up to help that C's fan who got beat up at Staples Center.  We've reached out to the C's as well.  Let's see how that goes.

Thanks to Chris for sending us this:  We all should love Legler for not hopping on the LA Bandwagon:

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  • Yogi

    Maybe the Faker Fans will show up early this to face an Ass Whipping!

  • He smoked Black Mambas….

  • Jester00

    What kind of cigar did Red smoke????? any one know?