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Not Quite Done

RedsArmyAdmin June 14, 2008 Uncategorized 2 Comments on Not Quite Done

(NSFW Language In Clip)

Just because no team has ever come back to win after being down 3-1 doesn't mean no team ever will.  I don't think there's a reasonable person who expects it to happen… but I'd rather not screw around with giving anyone a glimmer of hope. 

As much as I would like to see the Celtics win at home… I don't want to give LA any life at all.  And as Chuck mentioned… a game 6 would mean the Celtics will have played more games in a single season than any other NBA team.  The last thing we need is for some catastrophic, freak event to occur early in Game 6 that would put the Lakers in a position to win Game 7. 

No… we're not done yet.  We feel done.  I'm sure some of the Lakers feel done.   But its not done.  Great teams don't fiddle around.  Great teams go in for the kill.  There will be plenty of time to celebrate in Boston when the Duckboats start rolling.  Right now, Mr. Wolf still needs to hose the blood off of us before we can drive this car out of the garage.

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  • celtified

    I think all C’s fans would revel in the panoramic sight of blank stupified stares of the bandwagon faker fans as the C’s put them to bed in game 5. Does it get any better when the Celts have got LA crying, whining, pissing and searching for excuses instead of acknowledging the greatness of Boston? Doc outcoaching Phil is the cherry on top of it all.

  • acowett

    Winning at home is great. Winning it in 5 is better. Neither Sox World Series was at Fenway and, as sweet as that would have been, it was pretty freaking sweet as it was.
    Besides, I don’t believe any C’s fan really wants to lose Game 5. You can try to root against your team, but your body physically rejects it. You still pump your fist when your teams makes shots, you still glance at the clock, you do all the things you normally do during a game. Go C’s.