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RedsArmyAdmin June 14, 2008 Uncategorized 6 Comments on Nostalgia

The YouTubery continues today (the brain is fried… actual writing hurts right now) with a classic Celtics Pride Song courtesy of BostonSportz (Hey Scott… where the HELL did you find this?).  I think the basketball had to be awesome… just to balance off the songs. 

If that doesn't do it for you… then you can see Lakers fans giving the Celtics a ton of crap as they got onto the team bus for Game 4.  The highlight:  the chant of "E.T." and fans holding up 1 finger to Sam Cassell. 

Also out there:  More of our favorite turn of events:  Phil Jackson is getting outcoached.  The World of Isaac claims to have evidence of Dick Bavetta cheating.  The Prince timeout/5 second call at the end is mind boggling.  And if you REAAAALLLY want a throw back jersey… then pick up this Barack Obama #25.

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  • Ajay

    hmm I see thank you double p from helping a laker fan out cause i know most Celtic fan wouldn’t

  • That Obama jersey is AWESOME!! I will be buying one for myself. Thanks for the tip.
    80’s music and 80’s Celtics not too much tops that, well except the ’08 C’s on the brink!!!

  • radja9697

    where can i find that picture from the youtube? i need that.

  • double P reppin the B

    there is talk on ESPN that the Zen master is saying what KG said after Game 4 will motivate kobe to win this or something. I remember watching KG at the podium after the game and the only thing i could think phil jackson was talking about was when KG said first half they were cohesive and second half the whole team just wanted to get the ball to kobe. besides that theres nothing, and if that is what phil jackson thinks is gonna rile up kobe he needs to find better ways of motivation

  • papa irish

    that picture is awesome

  • John, Someone sent me the mp3. They’ll be playing this in da clubs soon i’m sure