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RedsArmyAdmin June 14, 2008 Uncategorized 7 Comments on Do It For Doc

I'll admit it, I'm secretly hoping the Celtics lose Game 5 on Sunday, come back to Boston for Game 6 and win the title at the Garden. But for Doc Rivers, Sunday will be extra emotional because it's Father's Day. His Dad - Grady Rivers – died from cancer in November. During yesterday's media session Doc fought back the tears when questioned about his father.

“To go back to my dad, he’s just very important in my life,” Rivers said. “It’s still very difficult for me to talk about because I haven’t had a lot of time, really, to reflect on it. You know, it happened during the season unexpectedly. It’s very, very difficult. But I do think about it. I think about it a lot.”

It's obvious Doc would like nothing more than to win this thing Sunday in Grady's honor. This team is full of new fathers – Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Leon Powe - who now more than ever understand the parent/child bond and could use Doc's situation as extra motivation.

Moving on from the sappy stuff, the Celtics' health is the talk of the series now. This team will play its 107th game on Sunday night, tying an NBA record. I'm convinced Perk separated his shoulder Thursday night, but he's crazy enough to throw on a brace and play in Game 5. We're told Pierce tweaked his knee and rolled an ankle in Game 4. Rondo's bone bruise should be better, especially since he saw limited minutes Thursday and has the 2 1/2 days of rest.

I cannot get enough of the LA media coverage. There are two more blistering articles in the Times; Plaschke calling out Phil Jackson, and Chris Dufrense recaping all the great choke jobs in LA sports history.

And finally, I want to thank all of our loyal readers who made yesterday the highest web-traffic day in Red's Army history.

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  • I like the idea. I’m running out right now (its my weekly dose of sunlight)… but one of us will post that on the front page.

  • 11rings

    Doc is a classy guy that deserves all the success in the world. Let’s hope the Celtics win the title on Father’s Day. I love watching this Celtics team because they stick together and Doc clearly has a lot to do with that. They are truly brothers, like the Celts of Russell’s era.
    Speaking of sticking together, I just read the article at about the lifelong Celtics fan that got jumped at the Staples Center during game 2. He wants to make it to Boston – what do you Celts fans think about bringing this guy over for a few days, whether a victory parade is clinched on Sunday or the series gets extended? There were some comments attached to the article discussing whether or not to bring the guy. It looks to me like he’s a good guy. The article says he defended a Laker fan that gave him his jersey back after it was snatched. That’s right, it says he defended one Laker fan from other Lakers fans. Seems to me like we have a chance to help out one of our own in the true spirit of Celtics camaraderie.

  • JTB

    I would like to take this moment to tip my cap to the good doctor, Glenn Rivers, for a job well done. We still need one more win, but this particular Celtics team played harder on a day in/day out basis than any basketball team I’ve ever seen. Even the great 80’s Big Three teams would mail in a game once in a while. This team? Never. Win your 82nd game of the year tomorrow and make Celtic fans, new and old, happier than they’ve ever been.
    Nice job Doc. Win.

  • Jp

    Time for me to give some credit to Doc. I’ll qualify it though by saying that I am merely moved by Father’s Day (I am a dad of 4) so I reserve the right to call him names next season.
    I still blame him for the length of the first two rounds, but he has done a good (and then great) job in round 3 and now 4. Sure I would have liked to see more of this guy or that guy in certain games but the fact is we have won 7 of the last 10 games we played against the number 2 and 3 teams in the league.
    Congrats Doc! Now give me a damn Father’s Day present tomorrow night will you!!!!!!

  • Ryan (UNC332)

    I been coming to this site for the last 2 years and just have to thank you guys for all the great work you’ve been doing. It’s truly been a pleasure watching redsarmy evolve to what it is today.

  • Thanks Ryan, we’re nothing w/o out the readers who fuel the site with their comments. Now keep it up so John and I can start making some real cash!!!!!

  • Tears of JOY NOW ! Well done “DOC”