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RedsArmyAdmin June 13, 2008 Uncategorized 2 Comments on Spinning The Web

The web is awash with Celtics fun today.  We NBA blogger types have been bloggering… so here is some of the bloggery:

lakers suckHardwood Paroxysm has 2 looks at Game 4 in pictures:  One that is more like the one you see here… and others playing off the infamous "Who wants to sex Mutombo" story. (explanation in link)

Via Ball Don't Lie:  That awesome, final, "There Can Be Only One" ad.  One guy who would take Posey over Jason Richardson

Stet Sports says the Celtics just saved the NBA's credibility.

Tirico Suave:  Why Kobe will never be Michael

Hoops Addict throws a lot of love Paul Pierce's way  (by the way…. Was Pierce>Kobe last night… or what?)

Is Kobe going to be a little hung over today? 

And remember when a lot of us were thinking "Is Ray Allen Done?"  Yeah… so does The Big Lead

 And for the Lakers fans still trolling our site… here's a little something for you: The 5 stages of losing

And we're going to end with a video from Game 4 that just hyped me up… and sort of welled me up too.  We are really just one game away from the Celtics winning a title.  Jeez. (thanks to dmackey for the email on this).

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  • inferno

    I am as true and loyal a Laker fan as there is, but i must say I am a fan of basketball first and foremost…The Celtic’s not only came back in that game-they created their comeback…the Lakers didn’t simply choke, we were dominated mentally and physically in that second half…
    As a fan of the sport and as broken and crushed as I was last night, today, right now…I can say with no tongue-n-cheek, with full respect, that the Boston Celtics deserve to win the championship after showing heart like that…
    All kidding aside…no punch lines this time…you made us look sick last night after we looked unstoppable in the first half…we assumed you would come out timid in the second half and you made us pay…
    Pierce is all heart and effort and deserves to get his ring…I know there are 3 games possible, but I think we all know what the outcome will now be…
    Congrats Celtic fans…well done…see you next season…
    PS- You know that if the Lakers DO come back…you’ll hear from me again!

  • D

    Maybe it has to do with denial. I mean seriously, come on dude…
    “The whole game, from the minute I came in, they called fouls on me. He fell down, foul. I was trying to find a way to guard him for 48 minutes, and everything I did was a foul. He got me. He went to the basket, and it was a good basket. I don’t know what else to say,” Vujacic said,
    “I wanted to stay with him, I wanted to stay aggressive, but again, there would be a foul. So I kind of stood back, I gave him the room to operate…” Vujacic said.