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Paul Pierce Vs. 3 Lakers

Add this one to Paul Pierce's Hall of Fame higlight reel.  Ariza is frozen… Kobe and Pau both hit him… and he somehow flips it up and in.

Paul Pierce is simply one of the best in the league… if not THE best… at getting hit and somehow getting the shot off.  He always seems get the ball towards the rim when he's fouled.  That just shows how strong he really is.

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  • John Weber

    Did anyone notice that all the sportscaster gurus after the game described the outcome not as a brilliant Celtics comeback and victory, but as a Laker choke? Then I remembered the Redsarmy article a few days ago reporting that only one of fourteen national sportscasters predicted a Celtics win — thirteen of the fourteen believed the Lakers would win this series. Those thirteen cannot admit that the Celtics actually are the better team. It’s not over until it’s over, but would you rather be 3 and ! or 1 and 3?