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Greatest Comeback Ever….

Down 24 points to the team with the greatest player on the planet and the greatest coach ever, somehow, someway, the Celtics managed to beat the Lakers 97-91 tonight. No team leading 3-1 has ever failed to win the NBA Finals. 

Paul Pierce (20 pts, 7 assists) was magnificent – defensively. He blanketed Kobe Bryant (17 pts, 6-19 FG, 10 assists) in the second half and would not allow him to take over the game.

With less than :20 left and the Celtics up 3, Ray Allen (19 pts, 9 reb, 48 minutes) blew past Sasha Vujacic and made it to the rim for a lay-up before any Laker could slide over and help. It was a fantastic example of how bad the Lakers can be on defense. 

James Posey (18 pts, 4-8 3 FG) was immense in the second half. His trey with 1:13 left gave the Celtics a 5-point lead. It was the type of shot you expected Kobe to make, except Bryant never did.

Box Score | Recap

Now the bad news: Kendrick Perkins left the game in the 3rd quarter with a shoulder injury. He said it's just a strain and he expects to play on Sunday. This is the same shoulder he separated two years ago and needed surgery to repair.

Quote of the night: "We just wet the bed." – Kobe Bryant.

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  • Shawn

    AJay, indeed handled like a true gentleman. Now to be very uncontrolable joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 more folks. I have been a truly blessed sports fan, I feel this win is very comparable to the yankees series of 04 after the 19-8 game. Something special happend tonight and I know its not over but I will forever remember this game.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Nite-nite sleeping giant!

  • G4L

    Come on Fakers fans… lets hear it know!! Say what… thats what I thought!!

  • James Posey was more clutch than Kobe Bryant tonight….how’s that feel Ajay and company?

  • Ajay

    nobody to blame here. Celtics played better D. Came back in the game. No refs to blame. Only the lakers themself. So for all my fellow lakers fan please don’t use vulgar on this site to vent our anger. Just blame ourself. I will be the first laker fan to congraulte the celtics if and if they this Sunday

  • The Kid

    Words cannot express what just happened. Thank God for Posey and House tonight. I think the most satisfying thing over the last 4 games has been seeing Ray Allen be Ray Allen out there again.
    It really looks like all the “experts” analysis of the Lakers bench having the advantage over the C’s bench has been spot on.

  • davecowens

    So the Lakers have the greatest NEAR comeback in NBA history (game 2)
    Bob Ryan was right about this being a classic game. He called it this morning.

  • Aingelives

    This was a great game really by both teams, Lakers just ran out of steam. Odom finally woke up better late than never I guess. Watching both teams in one of the last timeout’s its clear that Kobe is not liked respected for sure. The Celtics are behind each other and Kobe just needs his space sits by himself thinking how he’s gonna win it. Will the Lakers make it a series its possible. Goodguys 3-1 love how that sounds!!!!

  • Steve

    that was the best game ray allen has ever played….48 minutes and completely took anyone he played out of the game and was the offensive threat when pierce and kg were struggling…ray ray right now is the mvp of the finals

  • Bill

    I honestly wasn’t worried when they were down so much in the first half. There was a lot of time left and we know how dangerous the Celtics are. This game felt like the Rope-a-Dope: first half Odom, Ariza, Gasol were landing body blows and second half (Celts have owned the 3rd quarter ALL YEAR) we came back and exploded. And we gotta give a TON of props to Doc. He doesn’t get negative, he doesn’t get in guys faces, he stays positive and he made some amazing substitutions. Posey, House were huge and Paul showed the world who the true MVP is. Amazing.

  • Ryan (UNC332)

    In the words of KG’s video intro…………. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Darklanceroy

    LOL! And I bet all Laker fans in this blog were itching to prepare their comments and mock everyone when the Lakers looked like they were gonna have a blowout. Too bad… throw those ideas and comments out the window. Kobe who?? He can’t handle THE TRUTH! This Game 4 just showcased to the world who are the true champions. Great great game guys! And all that with Perk and Rondo out for much of the game. And all that (take note Laker fans) with Gasol and Odom playing their best game of the series. WOW!

  • double P reppin the B

    This couldnt have been scripted better…. the team truly came together tonight and like doc said they all chose to lean in on eachother. Great win shows the heart of true champions, oh and seeing vujacic implode and cry on the bench was better than sex

  • u stink

    Great game, big 3 deserve a ring but a game 7 and stunning Laker upset are not out of the question just yet.

  • dwestside

    Still waiting Laker fans. You talked un-substantiated crap before … WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU NOW?
    Come on back.

  • rvr

    nothing to say about game 4? Huh. Funny cuz you had so much to say before, u stink.
    Man that was an amazing experience. I almost drove my wife out of the room in the first half with all my anxiety and freaking out. That first quarter was so depressing, I could hardly watch. What a team this is. So much heart, so much focus. Everyone was magnificent.

  • Pierce has to be the MVP as of right now in all three of our wins he’s been the best offensive player on the floor and his D on Kobe has been nothing short of ridiculous! Allen is defiantly a close second though, if he goes off in game 5 he could have a shot at it.
    Pierce > Kobe…..
    Yeah I said it… WHAT FAKER FANS?!

  • ssshady35

    That why you have to play 48 min!!! The game is not over in the first half. Kobe was Kobe……a little bitch!!! Lets see what Phils excuse is going to be or what mental games he’s gana try for game 5. I love how they played in the second half I knew they could not keep up the shooting the whole game. I’m just glad that the C’s did not give up and kept fighting….I love this team. A few changes for next year and we will be right back here again next year!!! Good luck in game 5, let the preperations for the parade begin!!!!!!

  • I want to say – Much respect to the Celtics.
    This game was horrific to watch as a Lakers fan, but I give all the respect and credit to the Celts “D.”
    I believe this series cannot be won by the Lakers, but I’ll just take it as one game at a time. That’s all us Lakers fans have.
    See you guys Sunday, and congrats.
    – LD

  • I would love to see the Celtics win at home… but I’m perfectly happy with them polishing off the media darling Lakers in as few games as possible. It’s a same this is 2-3-2… because then game 5 WOULD be at home and this series would DEFINITELY be over.
    Oh well. I think “bad” Kobe goes for 45 in a loss on Sunday when the rest of his team quits on him. Lamar couldn’t have played any better. Pau continues to be a non-factor. And those guys are just too soft all around to come back from this. At the very least… there is no chance in hell that LA wins 2 in Boston.
    Funny… isn’t the road to the championship supposed to get HARDER the deeper you get into the playoffs? Wouldn’t it be odd to go 7 against Atlanta and Cleveland… then dust off Detroit and LA in 6 and 5?

  • Rush

    lakers in 4…HA
    lakers in 5…HA HA
    lakers in 6…HA HA HA HA HA HA
    lakers bench > celtics bench
    lakers bench > celtics bench???
    is 15 > 35??? LMAOROTF

  • papa irish

    what a game, truly an experience that was definitely a classic as predicted by the likes of bob ryan and bill simmons
    next game i see kobe having HUGE night and the refs blatantly favoring the lakers resulting in a laker win
    and can mark jackson please stop using the same phrases over and over again
    c’ mon mark your better than that
    sasha vujacic wasnt he dubbed a shut down defender? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah (ok stop i cant breathe, no really stop it, i believe i did dub him as a quote overated defender cause he shut down an injured manu ganobili, and a typical white guy who can shoot
    and our bench owned even tony allen with-some oh my God hes actually playing-quality minutes
    and kobe is a douchebag

  • Al

    Well I was near tears watching that. Nothing will stop the Celtics now – too much WILL TO WIN – Quietly with Garnett and Allen and Posey, loudly with Pierce, House. It was just awesome. I got thru numerous beers and couldn’t sit down most of the 2nd half.
    Ray Allen u little legend. What a game!!
    As for the big three…….here’s something for ya – remember the talk at the start of the season how the KG deal had left them with no bench?
    35 points off the bench – NOW THAT IS A TEAM………….
    And good luck scoring 60 Kobe
    Doesn’t really have much rhythm but DOC RIVERS DOC RIVERS!!!
    Ajay by the way – u got some plums – at least u showed up and told it like it is….
    ‘U Suck’ you’re post – classic comedy….

  • Aaa

    After the half me and my friend wanted to shut it down, but then came a thought to us: if this is gonna be the biggest comeback in history – we gotta to see it!
    What happend next U all know.

  • …in DC

    so, ah, John…where’s the party Sunday night?

  • diehardlakerfan

    I agree with Ajay. no one to blame here but the lakers themselves. Congrats with pulling off the greatest comeback in finals history. but don’t rub us off just yet.

  • Braddymac

    But we gotta. Playing out exactly like myself, Redsarmy and plenty others predicted. A friend of mine said it best…
    They have the best player, we have the best team. The best player puts on a great show, the best team wins championships.
    Now it’s unclear if Los Angeles even has the best player…

  • acowett

    “Boston isn’t the same team, if they played the Lakers in their first series instead of the hawks they would’ve been swept or close to it. ” – u stink
    I never understand arguments like this. It’s the same as the owner of the Rockies who said after the World Series the Rockies would have won if it was best out of 10. Sorry, that’s not the way it works, all the rules are laid out at the beginning of the season. There’s a reason a #1 team plays a #8, there’s a reason a team earns how court advantage. None of these things were unknown to the Lakers or decided on a coin flip.
    Hell, the Patriots would be undefeated if the playoffs were only two games long, but that’s not how it works. What’s your point ustink?

  • Lakerhater

    You beat the nuggets. wow, I could see how they would prepare you for the celtic’s defense. Only one thing to faker fans, Make another excuse for kobe and double down. Down 3-1, no worries even if the celtics send all five to guard him (If I were Pauly I would take that as the ultimate compliment from a humiliated douche) he’s Kobe, He’s your man, he will deliver. Bet next month’s rent money too, daddy needs a new pair of shoes.

  • Mark

    Hello Redsarmy!
    I am a celtics fan from the 80’s but live and work in Germany. Because of this I do not have the availability to watch much Celtics games. Your site helps A LOT to keep current on what is happenning!!!. After last nights game I have decided to write something that I feel very strongly about. I hope that everyone here does not mind.
    One Moment in Time.
    For the whole season and the playoffs, the Celtics where seem to be missing one key ingredient, a Team Captain. Who could this be?
    Garnet: Supplied the Intensity. Without him the Celtics would not be in the finals.
    Allen: One of the best all time pure scorers of the league. Provided the the patience.
    Pierce: Consistence, Endurance, Perservience.
    In game 4 against the Lakers it looked like the Celtics were going to lose at halftime. I thought this and I am sure most other people thought this also ( Celtics fans included).
    But then something happened……..
    What happened was not during the game but in the Celtic’s locker room at halftime.
    One Moment in Time…….
    One of the definitions of a Leader (Captain) is that he will never ask or tell someone else on the team to do something that he has not done or is not willing to do himself.
    For about a month, most NBA fans and the Celtic players have aknowledged that Paul was the Captain of this team. The problem was that I think Paul did not fully accept this responsibility. Due to modesty or respect for his fellow players I do not know.
    One thing that I do know is that during half-time, Paul uttered the words ” I want Kobe.” Unbelievable!! An average to a little above average defensive player telling his team that he wants to guard the league MVP.
    Most people would have nodded in disbelief or thought this man was crazy. Not the Celtics. This was the moment they had been waiting for. Ask Ray or Leon…… No one thought that this statement was crazy. The atmosphere and the mood of the team changed at this one moment in time. Paul had finally accepted who he is, a Celtic Captain, and the team was changed forever after.
    I do not know if the Celtics will win the series. Nothing is ever certain. The one thing I do know is that when Paul retires, the Boston Celtics will retire his number in the rafters with the other great Celtic Captains of the past.
    Because Paul has earned it. The Hard Way. The Celtics Way.

  • I just wanted to stop by and congratulate all the Boston Celtics fans. It’s been a really tough last 24 hours for me but I felt that if I’m miserable, you guys must be ecstatic. So with that said, congratulations on last nights win. I expect the Lakers to put up a fight till the end and I never count my team out, but based on odds, I congratulate you all early on a series well played with heart, emotion, and determination!
    Daniel –

  • Braddymac

    U stink you missed the point. This has nothing to do with the quality of LA opponents. Lakers had an easy run of it and therefore had little true adversity to overcome.
    Celtics went through some building up and tearing down and rebuilding in terms of schemes, roles, attitude, intensity etc.
    To say Detroit was any worse than the Spurs is ridiculous. The Lakers only challenge was Utah. Had that series gone to seven LA would be better prepared for this Finals.