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“I Think I’ll Play”

X-Rays are negative… nobody's 100%… and Rajon Rondo says he' thinks he's gonna play.  The video of him talking after practice (which he sat out) is here.

What Rondo actually has is a bone bruise, and not a sprained ankle.  We'll see how he does. 

Here's some other post-practice videofrom Posey, Powe, Ray and Sam. On the Lakers side its Sasha, Farmar, Kobe and Odom

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  • u stink

    I have a solution. The Celtics should trade him for Iverson, game 4 would be less of a blowout.

  • Matty S.

    Yes you are right, in a situation like that, with Iverson not having much chemistry with the C’s, we would not blow the lakers out by as much as normally expected…