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Enough Already… KG Gets It

You can't hear anything about the Celtics now without getting a "and KG needs to get into the post!" sort of comment.

Valid point… now we can all stop making it.  KG gets it.  He's answered the "aggressiveness" question about a thousand times since Game 3.  He answered it again yesterday (at the 1:20 mark… preceded by a great jab at Kobe by Pierce). 

But as we've said before… this has been KG's game for pretty much his whole career.  Yes, he got away from the post too much in Game 3… but he's been taking jumpers all year.  They'll start to fall. 

Expect a big game from KG tonight.  I've heard almost all of his interviews since Game 3… and he's talking about making the right adjustments. 

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  • Al

    Good to hear – and thanks for the link red – It’s amazing the amount of work KG does defensively. He actually is first back on D after setting all those high screens and does so much work to slow the whole Lakers team down. I just hope he can get the bit between his teeth and just attack today, early and often, screw Ray Allen and Pierce, let KG attack and after a few turns the doubles will come and Pierce and Allen will get theirs.
    I’m lookin for one of those moves where he blew past Gasol and missed that dunk – that’ll get him going……

  • inferno

    Blah, blah, blah…
    NBA Hardcourt classics showing 1985 Game 4 right now…followed by the Game 6 clincher…ahhh…the good ole days…hopefully this LA team is watching…we need the inspiration…
    Go Lakers

  • Big loss tonight for the Celtics. Let Allen get some j’s. Hold Piece with Kobe. Let KG stay outside where the little guys play. Laker win!

  • milkman357

    I am a 100% LAKER FAN however leave KG alone he is the real deal! Allen chokes when that shot is needed and Paul is so ready to fold given the option. If they (Boston) wins Congrats for them for their long road of return plus i sorta like most of their players. However, I need to make this point nationwide……Kwame Brown is the weakest & worst NBA player EVER to be paid…followed closely by Lamar Odom. I can only ask that the NBA takes them to a KG/Charles Barkley camp or to see the Wizard of Oz to obtain a heart, some NBA level hoop skills and their manhood back. At 7’0 they are the worse. Now for the NBA refs; please allow the players to dictate the games outcome not your personal BS. We all have favorites but be Professional…whats being exposed has been going on for years…I know for a FACT……REFS 🙂 The public soon will know as well. I just hope that Congress calls all you guys in including David Stern.

  • Nora

    Big loss for Lakers! Love it. Kobe can whine all the way back home.