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Trend Vs. Exception

RedsArmyAdmin June 11, 2008 Uncategorized 7 Comments on Trend Vs. Exception

kevin garnett blocks pau gasol

The Celtics got a combined 19 points on 8 of 36 shooting from Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett.

The Lakers got a combined 13 points on 5 of 18 shooting from Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol.

Celtics fans are saying "We feel good going into Game 4 because we were close the whole way through even though 2 of our main threats were way off."  Lakers fans are saying "We feel good still winning even though 2 of our main threats were way off."  The difference is:  One was an exception… one is a trend.

The Celtics complete lack of offensive production from Pierce and Garnett is completely new.  Pierce has been awesome in this series.  KG has run hot and cold… but not this cold.  Odom and Gasol, however, have been largely absent from the Lakers offense for all 3 games (aside from a few spurts from Gasol).

So when it comes to Game 4… what is more likely to happen?  Odom and Gasol magically figuring out how to join in the Kobe Bryant shooting extravaganza… or Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett hitting their season and playoff averages? 

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  • Dave

    I thought the Laker D definately improved. The seemed to swarm KG & Pierce for a while there.

  • Pete

    Sasha saved them last night but I came away more hopeful that the C’s will take a game if not two in LA. Our defense is too suffocating and Odom is awful; i think Gasol will have two good games in LA but i don’t think it will matter.
    I don’t understand how LA fans can look at last nights game positively and think we won’t steal a game in LA…

  • Al

    I am worried about KG more than Pierce, he’s stunk for the best part of 3 games offensively now.
    Here’s an idea. ESTABLISH A POST PRESENCE IN THE 1ST!!! Gasol cannot guard him when he faces the basket, it’s either pts or fouls. If Gasol is on the bench in foul trouble our rebounding job becomes a LOT easier, we attack the offensive glass – we win the game…..
    Also kudos to Ray Allen – he was superb yesterday and why didn’t Perk come back in the 4th – he was playing well at both ends….

  • Rush

    and what makes you think the celtics have been playing at full potential?

  • Rush

    then you seem to be contradicting yourself when you said that “the Celtics are a better team…no one is arguing that”. again your statement, not mine.
    so how is that when two teams go “full throttle”, suddenly the lakers will win? just defies logic. and deeper in what sense? hands down you have a better coach. but bench? that may be a stretch. yes your bench was great yesterday, but our bench was great the 1st two games. and yes you have the single best player (and so did the cavs and he went “full throttle” in game 7 and we both know how that ended). but when has a single best player beat a great team? wilt never did it. mj never did it (until he got great players). iverson never did it. what makes you think kobe will?

  • Darklanceroy

    First of all, to all Laker fans who have the nerve to breeze through a Celtics fansite, be reminded that more than half of the Celtics fans expected the Lakers to win Game 3. They were hopeful of a victory but nonetheless were not surprised the Lakers got Game 3. If anything, they were disappointed the Celtics let this slip away. Of all the terrible plays by Garnett, Pierce, and Rondo, and absolutely only Ray Allen showing up to play, and Kobe being Kobe (ballhogging and scoring in bunches), we were all surprised to be even up by 2 halfway in the fourth.
    Celtics are gonna win Game 4. And if the Lakers win Game 4, and hopefully for the Laker-fans’ sakes, win it more convincingly than they did Game 3, THEN you start talking.
    Oh and 3 NBA Finals games is enough to make a trend u stink. This is the Finals. Homecourt advantage should be among the least they should be thinking about. And even if we use your basis of home games, heck Odom and Gasol sucked in Game 3 anyway. That’s the trend!