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Tell Me This Isn’t True

Tim Donaghy is talking… and he's either exposing what, up until now, has been a conspiracy theory…. or he's grinding a serious ax to make the NBA look bad.

Ex-NBA referee Tim Donaghy told the feds two refs fixed the outcome of one playoff series - and that officials were told not to eject star players from games for fear of hurting ticket sales.

Donaghy claims he was told that two refs who were “company men” acting in the interest of the NBA conspired to extend a playoff series in 2002 to a seventh game.

The referees allegedly ignored flagrant fouls committed by the team that needed to win. They also reportedly called "made-up fouls" against the other team which led to the ejection of two of their players. The team favored by the refs won that night and the next game to win the series.

I've said similar things in frustration… but I've never really believed it.  If this is true, David Stern and everyone in the NBA front-office should quit right now… and that's just to start.  I'm hoping its not true… but this needs to be investigated… and the truth needs to be told.

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  • Tim (FD)

    Bye-Bye David Stern. I believe every word of it.

  • DreinLosAngeles

    How can you believe every word of a R-A-T?
    I can’t really have an opinion on this without details. Explain to us which game it was, show us the “made up” calls, let’s see it all… until then, it sounds like someone trying to avoid an extended prison sentence.

  • Darklanceroy

    I watched that Kings-Lakers series. Kings deserved to win that series. That game was rigged. You just don’t know maybe all those conspiracies have still been occurring today. How about that no-call on Fisher against Brent Barry? Lakers were aided to get to this stage, while the Celtics had to fight hard for it. LOL! at Rasheed for saying Celtics were “Team NBA.” He should take a better look at the Lakers. They’ve been NBA favorites since 2000.